Are You Talking To Me?

These five words can virtually always raise the tension to a new level. The next likely thing to happen will either be intensified confrontation or retreat by one of the parties. So, who has the greater insecurity? Is it the one giving the hard stare or the one reacting to it?
What’s the deal? We act tough as if we can actually control others and show up in a threatening way. What are we really up to? Proving our Courage? Displaying whatever Power we want to impress upon others?
Sometimes, we really need to show them who the real boss is. It’s all just an attempt to exert our Will upon someone else and that never feels good when done to us. Why would we choose to do it to another?
Some of us are skilled in hiding behind titles, rank or seniority. Guess what? They know. Act this way to people you are supposed to be the Leader for and mutiny is destined to occur.
Rebellion in its truest form comes from taking a stand for Freedom when Oppression is present.
The confusion is all in how we see Power, Command and Control. When an individual authentically expresses these characteristics, we automatically have Respect for that person. Funny thing is that they don’t even have to try, it’s simply who they are. Why? Because they aren’t Being that way out of need.
When someone needs to Be in Control or show off their Power, we experience Fear or Intimidation; if not that, we laugh at their lame attempts to Be so.
The real question is: How do we want the world to see us?
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