Believe to Receive

Ask any successful individual and they’ll quickly tell you that Belief is a critical element to creating results. To generate or manifest what we want, we must have the opening to Receive what we want. This opening must be wide enough to take in what we desire. If we close our opening, we end up with whatever we get and that usually isn’t what we’ve designed.
A process I’ve developed, called Open Up Your Cup, has us putting the base of our hands (where the palm meets the wrist) on our temples. Now we can see what the size of our Cup could be. With fingers straight up, that Cup could equal the size of our ego. We could expand our fingers to widen the Cup or close our fingers, making a little bit of a dunce cap, which would limit what comes in.
Next, what we want to do is take our hands away from our temple, moving them straight up and out. That can now be the size of the Cup. When we commit this idea to memory, we have the opportunity to remember that our Cup can be wide open and we can effectively receive all that we ask for.
So…Open Up Your Cup!
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