How To Deal With Not Knowing

InferiorityThe mystery of Not Knowing can be turn into a nightmare.

You end up Feeling like you’ve lost Control, and Experience being Powerless and Helpless.

Not Knowing leads to Confusion and can Frustrate and Agitate.

Fear, Doubt and Insecurity doesn’t creep in, it tends to steamroll you when you Don’t Know what’s going on.

Yet, there can be great Wisdom in Not Knowing.

ControllingAllowing things to turn out and develop as they are supposed to can be Enlightening and a joyous surprise.

Think about the people you Admire. They might Know a lot and be Intelligent or Correct most of the time, though they also seem to possess a Curiosity for Life and a Wonder of the Unknown.

That’s because they’re not in the trap of being unable to Cope with Not Knowing.

How it is for you?

Keeping Your Cool

DisagreementWhen you Feel out of Control, it is Natural to look for the Cause and easy to place the Fault or Blame on others.

While there may be Facts to support your Perspective, you will have absolutely no Defense for an Emotional form of Reaction that makes things worse.

Yeah, but…” might be what’s going off in your head, yet Understand that unless you Keep Your Cool and Respond versus React, you are now Responsible for what ensues; regardless of who started it.

DisagreeAsk yourself how often you Defend, Excuse, Reason or Justify your Position and what Prices you and others must pay as a result.

Bring to mind someone you know and Respect that handles things with Maturity, Wisdom and Calmness.

If you want to Be like them, you must Practice, in every way possible, Being like them.

CommunicationI invite you to Abandon the Need to Defend anything in your Life that you Know is sound and worthwhile.

It truly doesn’t matter what other people Think, though for your sake, it surely does matter what you Think and, more importantly, whether you React or Respond to Life’s events.

Losing Focus

ControlOne of the main causes of Incompletion in Life is loss of Focus.

This can be attributed to Distractions and things like ADD/ADHD, yet at the end of the day, maintaining Focus is Possible for virtually anyone.

Blaming a Condition or Circumstance only reinforces Victimhood.

The Goal is to first take Responsibility for Commitments and then Design effective tools that have your Commitments realized.

InferiorityA huge part of anyone’s Success is Keeping Your Word.

We all know how it feels when someone else breaks their Word with us; how do you think they Feel when you don’t Keep Your Word?

It’s all about Honor and Respect.

If you Intend to be Honorable or Respectful and Desire to be Honored and Respected by others, start a Practice that Demands that you Keep Your Word.

You can be sure that your Focus will be enhanced by this simple Practice.Success

Doing Whatever It Takes

BalanceMost people do Just Enough. Just Enough to get by, Just Enough to Avoid overly Engaged effort. Just Enough to stay Comfortable.

The alternative is Doing Whatever it Takes and that requires a Willingness and Commitment to Persevere without being hindered by Obstacles and Challenges. For a lot of folks, that’s too much to ask.

Taking ActionThe end-result of not Doing Whatever it Takes often leads to an experience of being Unfulfilled and Disillusioned.

Conversely, when Doing Whatever it Takes is the Context you hold for your Life, things will flourish beyond your wildest Dreams.

Are you Doing Whatever it Takes?

Communication Breakdown

Being RightDid you know that there are two sides to Communication?

Many take the one-way, one-sided approach and only Value what comes out of their mouth.

The other side of Communication is what comes into your ear. It’s called Listening, and Listening is a skill.

Rate yourself as a Listener. Ask yourself if you are “loading up” when others converse with you.

IBeing Rightf that’s what happens, you are literally Invalidating the other person and, whether you know it or not, they can see that you’ve checked-out and are not Listening.

This puts a major damper on Trust. Authentic Listening requires that you be a Receiver; without obstruction of Thought or Intention to be heard, listened to or the Need to be Right.

You’re Right, I’m Wrong

InferiorityDo you hear yourself saying these words? “You’re Right, I’m Wrong.

Notice if your Come From on the subject is one of Submission.

Do you readily agree with the idea that you are Wrong?

Is your Life filled with Evidence to be Right about how Wrong you are?

FailureIf you’re consistently holding the Belief that something is Wrong with you, be assured that there is.

What is Wrong may be far different than what you might Think though; might be a good time for Review.

Ask yourself if you’re Energy leans towards Being Wrong. Is that the Truth or a Lie.

Transformation Occurs In Language

DisagreeAre you Paying Attention to your Dialogue?

The Words that you use moment to moment are what Determines your Outcomes, whether you Know it or not.

Thus, it might be a good idea to get in touch with the Conversation you are having with yourself and others.Being Right

Anything that you Want to be Realized requires Transformation.

Like Einstein said: “You cannot fix a Problem with the same Mind that Created it.

So, the Language that you use is imperative because it Expresses your Thoughts and Bridges your Actions. Listen to your Little Voice and your verbal Conversation for optimal Results.

Who Are You To Judge?

ControlJudging another is a Sensitive subject to be sure.

Some people tend to have the Belief that they've been granted an inalienable Right to pass Judgment and further, to Express such Opinion.

In certain cases, you might truly be Qualified to Judge, yet how it’s delivered is almost as Important and the Judgment itself.

Our Society has unfortunately taught us that our Thoughts, Beliefs and Opinions carry the weight of Fact.Telling the Truth

Facts get reduced by large degrees when Interpretation is separated from them.

So ask yourself, who are you Judging?

Do you Judge from a place of Righteousness or Compassion?

Celebrate Your Freedom

ControlledA lot of people simply don’t realize how Free they truly are.

Nor do many consider the Prices paid for their Freedom.

Ask Viktor Frankl after Liberation from a concentration camp. He would tell you that Freedom is a state of Mind as much as it’s a state of Environment.Controlling

When you Feel someone attempting to Control you, ask yourself if they really can? When someone tries to assert Power over you, is that really Possible?

The Human ability to overcome obstacles is so great that we forget to treasure it. Look into your own Experience and Celebrate your Freedom.

Adjusting To Results

Taking ActionWhen what you Intend starts to Happen, it might not always look exactly the way you Imagined or Designed.

Thus, it is Critical for you to Learn how to Adjust to Change.

In the Adjusting you will discover Challenges and Obstacles to Overcome.

Money-FinanceShould you Allow your Mediocrity to Reveal itself and worse, take over, you are setting your Results up to go in the wrong direction.

When you have an Intention, you also have a Responsibility to Act accordingly and that includes Adjusting your Course as necessary.

The simple equation is set your Intention, follow a Plan and Adjust.