Review And Preview

Wrong People

As the end of the year approaches, it is often a good time for Review and Preview.

When looking back on your Experiences, make sure to Celebrate all Victories.

Equally important is to view challenges as Learning Opportunities.

Doing so sets the Foundation for coming attractions.

CourageousBefore you embark on the Possibilities that the New Year holds, you must have a solid sense of your Ability to accomplish what you Intend.

Remember, Reasonable equals Ordinary, Unreasonable equals Extra-Ordinary and Not Reasonable equals Ridiculous.

The goal is for you to Declare and create the Unreasonable results that you want in Life.

Everybody Wins Or Nobody Wins


Living in a Competitive society, the Games that we Play create an Abundance of Losers.

Competition can provide multiple Opportunities for Winning, yet if you’ve ever experienced the Pain of Losing, you can see the value of Win/Win.

Most people have been Conditioned to not participate in Win/Win scenario’s for Fear of Losing.

We live in a world filled with Doubt and Insecurity that permeates our Decision-making.Passion

It comes down to Trust.

The question is: Are you Willing to Trust that other people want to Win too?

What would your Life look like when you play Win/Win all the time?

If Or When?

ImpossibleThis distinction is one to be conscious of when making Declarations.

While we have Hopes, Wishes and Desires about many things in Life, it is important to state When they are occurring, rather than If.

The difference is huge because we must have Faith, Belief and Certainty about what we Want.

ImpossiblePutting Fear, Doubt and Insecurity into the mix is what happens when we say: If.

Learning how to Surrender to what you Want can be a challenge because of missed Opportunities, thus causing Submission.

You can decide When.

Ask yourself about Failures you’ve experienced. Was it If or When?

What Have You Decided?

StressLooking back on your Life, it is critical for you to recognize and acknowledge the Events that you made certain Decisions about yourself.

These aren’t the good news times, rather the situations that you’ll never forget.

When you recall what happened, re-experience it, in an experiential way.

InferiorityThat means that you will be remembering the day, the time of day, the people present and most importantly, what you we experiencing.

Feel the Pain again and ask what you Decided about yourself in that moment?

It’s important to recognize the negative view you’ve taken about yourself; notice if it still plays.

It’s Not My Fault

Wrong PeopleThis statement can be true when the Facts support it, yet it most often is not the case because we view our Opinions as Facts and let them decide for us.

The worst part about this is that when doing so, we are Acting with total Irresponsibility about our Commitments and Blaming others for our Lack of (perceived) Power.Disagree

Victimhood is denying Responsibility for the things that exist in your Life by allowing people, places and things Control over you.

Ask yourself about anything that isn’t your Fault in your Life and Honestly reassess to acknowledge what your part is.

You Make Me…

FightWe let others have Control of our Feelings when we utter the all-too-common phrase: “You make me feel…,” fill in the blank.

The truth is that no one can make you Feel anything that you haven’t decided to Feel yourself.

Likely, when you have given your Power away, it’s because you have some unfulfilled Need that you are depending on another to provide.Being Right

While it’s nice to have people care for us, it is Folly to allow our Emotional health to be in the hands of anyone other than ourselves.

You, and no one else, are Responsible for your Feelings.

Listening Is The Key

CommunicationWe tend to Believe that Communication is only about what we Give, or say.

What happens is that the other side of Communication gets lost in the shuffle.

That other side of Communication is simply Listening, or Receiving.

Notice the next time you’re in conversation with someone or observing other’s interaction.

ListeningWatch for the Listening and see if it’s actually occurring.

You will likely see a lot of interrupting, cutting-off and ignoring that really eliminates true Connection and Intimacy.

Notice if you do this or if others do this with you.

Are you paying attention to the Pain it causes?

A Life Without Choice

We would all like to Believe that we have Choices in Life.

While it can be argued that Choice is available to us at all times, I invite you to consider how you might not ever have any Choices.

What? I have no Choice, you might ask?

Here’s the deal:

Your Life consists of either Commitments or Addictions and knowing the difference is critical.Fitness

Once you’ve established what you’re Committed to and what you’re Addicted to, you can now make the necessary adjustments.

Now that you have recognized how such Commitments and Addictions impact your Life, what’s your Choice now?

It Happens For A Reason…


…and that Reason is to Serve.

When Life’s events occur, you may have the Ability to see that what Happens, may be Happening for a Reason.

We’ve all heard people say:

“It Happened for a Reason.”

When hearing this, I invite folks to add:

“…and the Reason is to Serve me.”Passion

What this requires is a certain amount of Spiritual awareness.

I can say, from my extensive experience working with individuals seeking Success, that by far, the most Successful ones all have a solid Spiritual and/or Faith-based Practice of Prayer and/or Meditation.Enlightenment

It’s about maintaining your personal Connection with God.

The Small World Of Facts

DissatisfiedWhen we rely on Opinions and Interpretations that have somehow become Facts, we are entering dangerous territory.

The reality is that Facts are far fewer than Opinions.

The World we live in has become dependent on Perceived information, thus creating a flimsy Environment to Live in.Disagreement

Worse, this Conditioning trickles down into our daily Life and severely impacts Relationships.

The next time you go to defend your Opinion, ask yourself what Value it truly has to do so.Disagreement

If you inquire further, you will discover that we often De-Value many things in Life by believing that our Opinions are Fact.