Farewell To Greatness

MandelaWith the passing yesterday of Nelson Mandela, we pause to recognize an individual that made a major impact to Humanity and History.

Greatness, when achieved, is viewed by many as Evidence of one’s Character.

We didn’t know him or Steve Jobs personally, but we Respect and Admire their accomplishments and the effect they had on our lives and the lives of so many others.

The question for you today, is how will you be Inspired to Express your Greatness?

JobsOne thing that Greatness possesses is Passion.

What’s your Passion and are you Engaged in letting the world to see it?

Everything Is Of Course

Bad PeopleWe generally have a Response or Reaction to Life’s Events that leans one way or the other, depending on the nature of the Event.

We have emotional highs and lows in direct proportion to what Happens. What if everything was put through a filter that suggests it’s all:

Of Course?”Mastery

What this means is that when things go bad, the Response is: “Of Course,” because now you have the Opportunity to Learn.

When things are good, again the Response is: “Of Course,” because that’s how you planned it.

Enlightenment8You can add a Spiritual element, thanking God, if that suits you.

Closing The Deal

SuccessWhen we think about Selling, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

It doesn’t feel that great to be Sold. The Salesperson has been labeled with unappealing negative connotations.

So what do we do when we are in the position to Close the Deal?

SuccessFirst thing is to get clear on the benefit to the Buyer.

Another critical element is to establish a solid exit for the Buyer should they decide against proceeding; which most Selling programs would disagree with.

The heavy-handed, “no isn’t an option” method of Selling has been effective, yet at the cost of the Relationship.

Quitters Never Win…

Winning…and Winners never Quit.

What separates the Greats from the rest often is simply the Desire, Purpose and Intention to finish what they’ve started.

While victory is important, the reason why we admire the victorious is because of their Perseverance.Leaving the Start

Consistency is a common trait of Winners.

In virtually every sporting league, regular Losing will lead to a shortened career.

When it comes to sports, Wins and Losses are how teams and individuals are measured.

The same is generally true in Life, however there is also the Possibility for Win/Win.

What that offers is a Chance for everyone to Win.

Almost Ready

ImpossibleBeing Almost anything is like being Almost pregnant.

The fact is that most things are black and white and there’s not much room for Almost.

If there is anything in your Life that requires being Ready, be prepared to be “All-in” or don’t even bother.

Think back to most of the Breakthrough’s you’ve experienced.

MasteryOften, the case was that it required you to be fully Committed in an Action-based way or it likely wouldn’t have happened.

If you are truly Ready, just go.

If you are not Ready, get clear on your next course of Action, either Accept or Plan.

Complete The Application

EducationA lot of what we learn is Beneficial, yet Application is hard to come by.

Why is this?

A main reason is that Information is Neutral and cannot be Activated unless some form of movement is brought to it.

In simpler terms, it’s Knowledge plus Action that creates Results.Shakespeare

There is a disconnect between our Dreams and the Resources we possess in realizing them.

That’s not because we don’t Know what to do, it’s because we Doubt that our Knowledge is enough.

We do not Apply what we Know because we avoid taking steps towards realization of what we Desire.

How’s Your Vision?

Internal DialogueTrainer Ray Blanchard once said:

When your Vision is massive, how you feel at any given moment is small and inconsequential in relation to the size and scope of your Vision.

So the question for you today is:

How’s your Vision?

Da VinciI have developed a simple self-guided Meditation call The Masterpiece.

Imagine a blank canvas. Now imagine that you have all the tools of the artist and the skill of Da Vinci. With wide brush strokes, fill the canvas with what you Desire. You can do this process in minutes.

Continue to do so until your Vision is crystal clear.

Communication: Don’t Say A Word

SlienceIf you weren’t aware, research shows that greater than 70% of all Communication is Non-verbal.

Add tone of Voice and the number climbs above 90%.

We learn as babies, therefore, to Listen with our Eyes, as it were.

The funny thing is that what’s not being Said is also not being talked about most of the time.

Yet, it’s what has the loudest Voice!Do-You-Hear-What-I-Hear

It is in your Being that you Communicate, whether you are paying attention to it or not.

So, it might be a good idea to raise your consciousness and watch what you, and others, are Saying.

Time Will Tell

Time for ActionOne of the very first distinctions I cover in the Teen Leadership trainings that I facilitate is about Time.

I ask: “What time is it?

The response in that setting, like many situations in Life, is: “Now!

There will be times when the best thing to do is continue and allow things to happen.

ChangeHow many opportunities have you lost due to impatience?

It’s critical to be aware of your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions in the Present moment at all Times; these are predecessors to Action.

Once you have learned to identify your Present state consistently, Right Action generally follows.

What Do You Think About?

PassionThis question came to me recently as:

What do you Think about when you Think about yourself?

This is a powerful inquiry because what we Think about ourselves is often the determining factor in how our lives will turn out.

IntentionMore importantly, what other people Think about us is directly related to how we view what we see in the mirror.

It can be majorly disadvantageous to be overly concerned with how others see us.

ExhilaratedIf you’re not paying close attention to what your Thoughts are about, you will be at the mercy of them.

What do you Think about?