Do You Have It?

ControllingWe like to say: “I got it,” when understanding something or establishing control.

Do you really?

How many times have you had to admit, at least to yourself, that you didn’t have it at all?

There are things many of us will never Get, like Rocket Science or String Theory.

So what do you need to Get?Disagreement

How about being Present for starters?

Or revealing that you Don’t Know?

What’s critical is to be able to assess when something has gotten the best of you, acknowledge it, then ask for help.

Do you have it or does it have you?

Live A Little


This phrase is often given as an Invitation to experience Life in the Moment.

We are directed in our learning to treasure Life, not taking it for granted.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is engaging in each and every Experience available to us.

MakeUpWhat happens is we get caught up in Life’s mundane trivialities and lose ourselves in unfulfilled memories.

If you intend to Live, and truly have your Life be all that you have ever wanted it be, then it’s critical to Now develop a way to Experience the Moments in Life that will complete your Soul.

The Value Proposition

MakeUpVirtually every form of Motivation comes from the Value Proposition.

The trouble comes when we give ourselves over to something where the Value is out of balance.

When we Act, or Choose not to, the Inspiration to do so is derived wholly in terms of Value.

The Value may be a short-term fulfillment or a longer investment towards the future.

Either way, we seldom take Action unless there’s something in it for us.MakeUp

Even when it comes to Volunteering or some other form of Giving, the Value comes from Receiving the joy of sharing our blessings with people in need.

Paying Yourself First

This philosophy comes from T. Harv Eker, author of The Secrets of Millionaire Mind.Vision

Application starts in your Thoughts, which lead to your Feelings, thus your Actions and finally your Results; another form of Be Do Have that can create astounding benefits for you.

Why? Because if you aren’t taking care for what you’re Thinking or how you are Being, then your Life will left to Unconscious Choices that all too often Victimize.Abundance

Thus, it’s critically important that you Pay Yourself First in virtually every area of your Life.

How can be there others if you’re not there for you?

It’s All B.S.

InferiorityFirst things first: B.S. stands for Belief Systems.

This is another term for the Conditioning which comes from your Experiences.

If you’re not paying attention to where your Beliefs came from, you are doing yourself a major disservice.

Doubt in MirrorThe reason why this is so important is that once you’re aware of your Beliefs, you can identify the Decisions you’ve made about yourself.

Many of these Decisions are of the non-supportive variety and can impact your Life until you’ve overcome them.

You will not likely rise above your Negative Beliefs unless you’ve gone where you need to go to address them.

Questions And Answers

MasteryWhile there are many unanswered Questions in Life, we all want Certainty about specific areas and we must have an Answer.

With a Relationship or Spirituality, the Answer you currently possess is likely the right one for you.

The Answer provides for only one Possibility.

Yet, in other areas of your Life, it may worthwhile to be in the Question.Puzzle

The Question allows for Infinite Possibilities that can spur your Creative mind to what’s best for you.

Take a look at some of your Answers and be willing to put them to the Question or the Answering for new Possibility.

What Are You Committed To?

PassionIf you haven’t been asking yourself this question, you may be in for trouble because often the alternative to Commitment is Addiction.

Think about someone you know that always honors their Commitments.

You can bet they are consistently asking this question and adjusting accordingly to make things happen.

Those that don’t bother are leaving much of the lives at risk.

Plainly, it is irresponsible to be run by anything other than what we are Committed to.Unhealthy

When asking this question, you might actually come to realize that you are Addicted to things masked as Commitments.

What are you Committed to?

What’s Your Tolerance Level?

FailureWe will sometimes have disagreements with others.

It might about what they’re saying or doing, or maybe it’s them being in disagreement with us.

At what point do you stop?

FailureIf you thought of yourself as an Enlightened Being, are you really practicing what you’ve learned when you give up on another’s blatant, ego-based effort to Look Good, Be Right, Avoid Responsibility or Be in Control?

If it was you acting this way, would you be aware and open enough to read the Feedback given by those surrounding you and quit Acting in such a manner?

What’s your Tolerance level?

Love Conquers All

When in Fear, have Faith in Love. When in Doubt, have Belief in Love. When Insecure, be Certain about Love.Love

It’s almost too simple.

Maybe it’s one of those easier said than done propositions.

Yet, Love always prevails.

Why? Because Love, the highest Context available to man, Love never fails.Love

Now, for the lonely hearts out there, if you’re not getting the Love you want in Life, learn how to give Love to others; better, give Love to yourself.

In any given situation, when tension or stress arises, Love can rise above and create what’s necessary for growth to occur.

What Do You Think?

I’ve heard it said that:

Thinking is the least effective way of taking Action.Self Doubt

While I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, I am also aware that all Action originates from Thought.

Thus, we cannot deny the value of our Thought-process.

Maybe what’s important is to look at how our Thoughts determine our Emotions and drive us to Action.

At the end of the day, if the Thought is good, go with it, right?Doubt

The larger and more concerning issue is that when our Thinking is not-so-good, are we paying enough attention to be mindful of the ensuing Actions we take?