When Is Now

AskingAs both a question and a statement, it is something to be aware of particularly if you spend a lot of time in Then.

What I’m referring to here is about placing your Thought and Energy, which can and will dictate your Actions and Behaviors, into an area that simply doesn’t exist.

ActionNowYes, you can see the Past and imagine the Future, though it really isn’t There.

It can be confounding, to say the least, how much value we place on what isn’t.

The goal is to get Present and have an experience that many people can only yearn for.

Asking For Help

Many of us are averse to Asking for Help because it may indicate Weakness or Vulnerability.Begging

Silly that we would rather risk Failure or Inaction to keep ourselves clean from Looking Bad.

Still, there are some that are a bit too reliant on Help and can be abusive about it.

Surely, we don’t want to viewed by people in that light.Begging

What Asking for Help requires is Humility.

We often confuse Humility with being humiliated and that’s when our Ego comes in and cancels that opportunity.

Being Humble is the most effective way to engage another when Asking for Help.

The Inside Game

There’s the External world, where everything is Tangible, then there’s the Internal world where there are Tangible elements, such as blood, guts, bones, etc.Contemplation

It’s what is Inside us that has the most Value, yet no Tangibility.



I call this the Internal Intangible game and it’s made up of all our feelings, thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, doubt, etc.

This is where our intellect resides as well as our wisdom and imagination.

When we die, none of this will be evident, except that which we create in the External world.

We get to play as if our lives depended on it.

Lacking Confidence?

PerspectiveIn case you weren’t aware, Confidence is a byproduct of Courage.

If you feel you’ve lost your Confidence or are lacking, ask what Courage would do for you in the Present situation.

Often, the reason we stay lacking Confidence is because we’re caught up in a past memory, conditioning or belief about how things will turn out due to how they’ve turned out before.

ConfidenceIt takes Courage to set all that aside and proceed anyway, without regard, or attachment to the outcome.

If often takes Courage to simply Act, in spite of Feelings.

We grow and our Confidence is restored.

Hearing or Listening?

CommunicationSelective Hearing is an oft-used tool tuning out what we’re not interested in or aligned with.

The Problem is that the person delivering the goods will quickly assess that they aren’t being Listened to, and so begins the deflation of credibility.

That might not matter much if the Relationship weren’t of value, yet if it was, the damage can be potentially insurmountable.

ListeningRemember, that greater than 70% of all Communication is non-verbal.

The ability to truly Listen to another is a gift that benefits both parties. More so, it establishes Trust and further possibilities.

Notice if you’re Listening or not.

Beyond Limitations

There are Beliefs that may keep you out of trouble, though most Limiting Beliefs are of the variety that will keep you in trouble.Change

Belief in itself places Limits due to not allowing any other thoughts to prevail.

We automatically cancel that which we do not Believe in, thus Limiting growth.



Some Beliefs, like your Faith for example, need not be questioned.

Yet, unless you question your Beliefs for how they do or do not Serve you, you will be left being guided by Limitations.

The goal is to identify which Beliefs are Limiting your ability to forward your Life.

Committed To The Committee

Wrong PeopleWe all have a Little Voice inside our head that continues to have its say, particularly where our Mediocrity is concerned.

Some of us get an entire Committee of voices going off; these can be especially dangerous.

We know how inefficient it is to listen to these voices, yet we will sometimes allow them to not only rule our Thoughts, but worse dictate our Actions.

FailureHow or why this occurs may not be such a mystery.

The plain fact is that unless we can clear our head to make way for lucid Thought, we are simply Choosing to Act Irresponsibly.

For Argument’s Sake

While good Arguments can be made about many things in life, we must be conscious of the Need to engage in Argument for the sake Arguing.Disagreement

A desperate Need to Be Right rules our society and personal lives.

The great problem with this activity is that someone must be Wrong for the process to occur.

It’s like a game where in order to have a Winner, there must be a Loser.

DisagreeThe game of Win/Lose is so prevalent in our world that virtually every conversation eventually turns to someone having the upper-hand over another.

When will you start playing Win/Win?

We’re All Slaves

SubmissionNo one (well, almost no one) likes Slavery.

The idea that we’re all Slaves doesn’t apply to how we view government.

The fact is we are all Slaves to either our Greatness or our Mediocrity. More aptly put, we’re all Slaves and either Surrender to our Commitments or Submit to our Addictions.

SubmissionIt’s your Choice.

When things get tough in your Life, ask honestly about your contribution to the situation and get clear as to what path you will be Choosing next.

Will it be one of Victimhood and Submission or will you Choose to be Guided by your Commitments?

What’s It Gonna Be?


There will be people in our lives that continue to remind us to maintain our Composure and Serenity.

Most often, they are attempting to Win at the Ego Survival game.

EnlightenmentNeeding to Look Good, Be Right, Avoid Pain and/or Be in Control, all at the cost of our Emotional stability.

These types are either suffering from a momentary lapse in their own self-control or are living a life filled with Blaming others for their own Misery; the other being us at the moment.

All we can do is have Faith that they will find a way out of their dilemma.