It’s Your Choice

ListeningWe are each responsible for the Choices we make and the Consequences that come with such Choices.

We can spend an inordinate amount of time and energy defending and justifying our position versus that of others, yet all we have is what have Chosen.

ExpressionWhat’s important to realize is that if something isn’t working and we’ve exhausted our resources to make it happen, we can honorably walk away from Choices that no longer serve us.

The hard part is coming to terms with accepting Responsibility for things as they are and being Daring enough to proceed in spite of them.

It’s All Your Fault

ConfrontationIt’s way too easy to point the finger at someone else.

We often do it to avoid Pain; and Responsibility.

The pain we are attempting to avoid is Looking Bad, Being Wrong or Being Controlled.

When doing so, we are simply engaging in the game of Ego; a game in which no one ever wins.Confrontation

The reality is we are all Responsible for everything in our lives.

The place to point the finger first is in the mirror!

For many, Reasons and Excuses immediately pop up when confronted with the Fact that they have no one to Blame but themselves.

Asking For The Money

AbundanceWhen we provide service out of Love and Care, there is no expectation.

This is a beautiful experience that benefits both parties and the Giving and Receiving is real.

When we are professionals and people need our help, we might want to Give, yet it truly is a Win/Lose scenario unless some form of exchange is made.Trust

That’s how the transaction stays Honorable.

Otherwise, the recipient is simply Taking; and that’s not good news.

As an alternative, if the person in Need cannot actually pay for Service, consider barter or trade of Services as a way to stay in Integrity.

Acting As If

WonderActing As If is often-used terminology when asking someone to pretend like what they want is already in place or that they’ve somehow accomplished something they only dream of.

Maybe…it might be an effective tool under certain circumstances, yet it is more critical to be aware of how you Act with what is.

Plainly, if you want to Be a certain way, simply Be that way.

WonderIf you want to accomplish something, design a Plan, Take Action and Believe that you will accomplish it.

Kidding yourself about what isn’t true puts you out of integrity and literally makes people sick.

Seeing The Results

VisionA lot of us are unconsciously committed to collecting evidence to be right about how wrong we are.

The surest path to Success starts with learning how to look for the highlights.



More importantly, we must be aware of our damaging perspectives. It often requires vigilant practice to see Positive outcomes.

CourageYou may first want to identify if your default viewpoint focuses on the Negative.

If so, it’s now time to abandon that sinking ship.

Embrace all results with Passion and excitement about Possibilities coming true.

Authentic fulfillment occurs when we are Present to what we are responsible for Creating.


Taking Flight

All along the way in Life we are faced with Transition.

It’s in how we handle such changes and adversity that growth appears (or not!) and we become more of who we were meant to be.

If we get lost in the minutia and details, it’s easy to understand how such experiences can be defeating.Perspective

The point is, that’s not an acceptable outcome; we just keep repeating the lesson.

What needs to occur is for us to feel what we feel momentarily, then we can Shift into what’s needed to bring about the optimal result.

The alternative is staying stuck.

Persistent Resistance

Ready to Fight

What we Resist persists.

That’s not about Resisting things that you know aren’t good for you.

It’s about Resisting things as they are.

Further, it’s about the Perspective you take on things that creates actual Submission to them and makes you small and weak.

FreedomWhen you Resist what is, you add to your Story, and your B.S. (Belief System) about your Mediocrity immediately places you in the Past or Future, not Here and Now.

You then React to your surroundings. This is all Ego-based behavior.

You must Surrender to the Present, Respond, then Create and Design your own healthy experience.

A Moment To Believe


Things will happen in Life that will test your Faith.

Fear, Doubt and Insecurity may prevail to the degree that you feel lost and powerless.

What’s important is to clearly define what you have Faith, Belief and Certainty about in your Life.

Whether you have Spirituality or Religion, it is critical that you possess Faith in yourself, if not a Higher Power.Expression

We’ve all had that experience where we throw our hands into the air asking for Guidance.Spirituality



Many of us have also felt a Connection to something greater that we might call God, in times of our greatest need.

Listen to "A Moment To Believe" written by Joe Palmer, featuring Jonathan Woodward on keyboards and backing vocals.

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What’s More Important?

ShameWhat’s more Important than your Feelings?

We often prioritize Emotions over things that we can easily count as more Important.

What about Relationships, your Career or your home?

Negative thoughts can be rather persuasive.Passion

If you were to simply create a short list of what’s more Important than your Feelings, you would quickly notice how unimportant some Feelings really are.

To be graphic, I heard a trainer once say that: Feelings are like farts.

I Doubt It


That’s amusing (and a bit too much information), yet take a moment to see how true that is.


Feelings can pass through us, just like wind.

Know Your Story


We all have a Story.

For most of us, the Story is focused on our Mediocrity.

We get so busy in Life collecting evidence to be Right about how Wrong we are.

It is critical to Know your Story intimately.


There will be Negative characteristics about your Story, yet it is vitally important to Know the entire Story.

By including your Positive aspects, and discovering how magnificent you can be, you will be empowered to Live the Life of your dreams.

If you don’t already, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful attributes you possess, applying them to your Life.