The Day After Yesterday

The emphasis we put on the Past can be overwhelming.Stress

The value we give to something we have no control over is astonishing.

Getting Present doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it.

The challenge is in letting go of that which does not serve us.

I know, easier said than done, yet Life is easier when we aren’t dragging the load of Past with us.Listening

Plus, our Future is in the hands of the negative Past we so dearly cling to.

Unless you can apply lessons from the Past, you can’t be Present to making dreams happen.

What Do You Know?

Actually, it’s not so much what you Know, but are you applying what you Know?Doubt

We often generally Know the Answers to the Questions that confront us.

It’s about putting into Action the Knowledge that we already possess.

A lot of people will blind themselves to what they Know to keep playing the Victim.

StressThe Payoff is that they get to have people feel sorry for them.

If that’s what you want, go right ahead.

What if you simply used what you Know to have Breakthrough and then people would be in Awe of you?

Your self-esteem would grow accordingly.

Hard To Believe

What will it take to Believe that you Matter, are Worthy or are Good Enough?Inferiority

It’s not entirely true that: If you don’t Love yourself, you can’t be Loved.

You absolutely can be Loved and still not Love yourself.

It’s just that eventually people get tired of Giving to an unwilling recipient, thus they leave.

It all depends on what you Believe about yourself at this moment.Love Yourself


The only and most effective way to overcome this tragedy is to look at yourself in the mirror and honestly, genuinely be able to say these three words to yourself:

I Love You.

Listen to Three Words written by Joe Palmer, featuring Keith Leon.

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Running In Circles

BalancingHow often do we find ourselves doing so?

Sometimes all we have to do is stop running and we can better assess what’s really going on in our Lives.

What are we allowing that doesn’t Serve us?

What are we denying ourselves of that will?

CrystalBallIf you’ve ever confronted the Gift of Life, you know how important each and every Moment can be.

When we bring Quality to such Moments, the Quality of our lives expands proportionately.

It can be difficult to give up habits, beliefs and notions about ourselves that are diminishing our experiences.

My Vision


A Life worth living awaits.

Life Decisions

ContemplationWhen making a major Life Decision, it is important to have your faculties about you.

It will be necessary to weigh rewards and consequences too. What many fail to realize are the Life Decisions we made long ago, usually subsequent to a traumatic event.

These are the damaging Beliefs we Decided about ourselves like:

I don’t matter, I’m not Worthy or I’m not Good Enough.

WaitingWe’ve all done it; you, me, the Pope and Dalai Lama.

It will serve you well to inquire about what Life Decisions you’ve made about yourself before making any new major Choices to avoid calamity.

“Do” Comes 2nd


A lot of folks focus on what they’re Doing in life.

Yes it’s important, but did you know that Doing finishes a distant 2nd to Being?

It’s this simple to understand:

Take a short inventory of recent Actions, asking yourself who were you Being before taking the Action?Impossible

To make it fun, you can even throw in your Results as the focus and ask yourself:

If this is what I Have, what was I Doing and who was I Being that would do such a thing?

You want success?

Pay attention to who you are Being and it will come.

It’s Your Lucky Day

TrustBeing that it’s

Friday the 13th,

I wanted to discuss Luck.

I’ve heard it said that: “Luck is when Preparation and Opportunity meet.”

Athletes wear certain articles of clothing, people have certain routines or sports fans do certain acts.

All done with Certainty, hoping that it makes a difference.

RiskDoes it? Can it?

While the jury is still out on the subject, conjecture reigns.

I think that it does matter what kind of energy you attach to outcomes and that when you have Faith, Belief and Certainty about something, the result can lean in your favor.

What do you think?

Making It Happen


When you want to accomplish something, it will require you to access Greatness.

What that usually means is extra effort, unless you’ve been practicing Greatness consistently.

Why do we wait?

Often, Mediocrity will present itself in some form.

It can be very subtle, so you’ll want to inquire further to discover what it looks like.

What will it take to get us into Action?

ChoiceIt’s identifying Greatness and Mediocrity, then with that recognition make the Choice that will serve you.

It all comes down to Choice, a Choice deeper than “okay, I’ll do it,” or “nah, don’t feel like it.”

Losing Control

DisagreeControl often equals Power.

The need to be in Control can cause major distress for all concerned.

Those that must have Control come out looking like tyrants, while those where Control is being enforced often want to rebel.

Being RightIt’s the same old story about the cause of War.

Who really wants to be in constant battle?

It is hard to have Compassion towards a tyrant.

For those that will seemingly die without Control, there was likely some event in their lives that has them never wanting to lose Control ever again.

Who or what have they given their Power to?

Judge For Yourself

DecisionWe’d all like to believe that when we pass Judgment on some person, place or thing, that it’s “what is Right.”

We would even admit if we were obviously Biased about something by saying “that’s just the way I see it.”

Some of us go so far as to declare our Opinions as Fact.

DemandingWhen you get right down to it, there is a lot more Interpretation going on than factual Truth.

We truly don’t want to be Wrong about anything and that need is a Conditioned behavior.


How many times have you had to eat a little Humble Pie?