Commitment Or Addiction?

A-Committed-LifeI’ve recently been asked to assess my life by listing what Commitments and Addictions I have.

I found it important to look closely at what Addictions I’ve yet to overcome.

One cannot put off conquering Addictions that have long-lasting negative impacts.

There will eventually be a price to pay.

amsorryIt was an interesting and revealing exercise to discover that many of my Addictions can be converted to or simply replaced by Commitments.

Take a quick inventory; you might find that you’re closer than you thought.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “I just want to live a Committed life!

The Price Of Service

Being Right

It is a complete shame that these days you must demand Service if you want it.

The alternative is paying premium prices for Service, yet most cannot afford that.

Corporate bottom-liners discovered that it cost too much to provide Service, so it is now mostly non-existent.

The good news is that this has given rise to the popularity of mom/pop shops that want your business and deliver their Service with a smile.

DisagreeYet, in order for small enterprises to grow, profit-margins must be maintained and there goes Service, out the door.

What happened to Service being part of the deal?

Integrity In Question?

ConfrontationWhen your Integrity is in question, not only will your Soul suffer, but your physical Health will be negatively affected too.

The thing is that Integrity is so deep that you might not be aware of how much it can impact your entire Being.

A lot of people have developed an internal Avoidance mechanism to go about Life being out of Integrity, yet not noticing its effects.Breakthrough

Take a moment to realize the prices you pay for not maintaining your Integrity.

If Trust is an issue in your Life, take a look at how often you don’t keep your word.

Want It? Give It!


Want love? Give it! Want money? Give it! Want respect? Give it!

Essentially, anything that you Want will come quicker and in greater amounts the moment you let go of the Wanting and simply start Giving.

BeggingSome people refer to this concept as the Law of Reciprocity or may call it basic Karma. Whether divine or not, many can attest to the value of this wisdom.

HumilityIt may seem counter-intuitive because we’ve been taught and conditioned to focus on what we Want.

Not sure? Simply test this plan of Receiving on a smaller scale.

Giving often determines what you Get.

The Internal Intangibles

When we look at our Human experience, we can recognize that for each and every one of us there is an Internal world and an External world.

ContemplationIn the External world, everything is Tangible; it must be so for us to identify with it.Creativity



In the Internal world there are Tangible things such as blood, organs, bones, etc.

There are also Intangible things as well; such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, hopes, dreams and desires.Enlightenment


None of that stuff really has any Tangible form.

Here’s where it starts to get interesting.

The Internal Intangibles are what we give most value to.

Not Feeling It

Stay Back

Being able to gauge your senses and harness the Power of your Intuition can be a very beneficial tool.

We all have that Feeling that seems to speak to us.

We can’t explain it or hear all that it is saying to us, we just Know something; sort of like déjà vu or dreams.

You must learn to Trust these Feelings and Discern for yourself if you are can count on them or not.Defiance

Intuition is a special, unique Gift that we possess, some of us greater than others.

The more you Trust it, the more it can benefit you.

What Serves You?


An excellent filter for making Life Choices is the question: Does this serve me?

I was given this piece of wisdom from a Master Trainer when he was asked how he decides what to do or not with his Life.

It truly is a simple way of determining the appropriate course of Action for oneself.


One of the key elements he shared was how Judgment played a part in the process; the Judgment towards the Self and the Judgment from others.

It is critical to be able to make decisions with Clarity and Certainty in order to maintain your Integrity.

Overcoming Adversity


It is inevitable that you will be faced with at the least a Challenge or two in Life.

The opportunity for Learning comes directly from Overcoming Adversity.

Most folks look at such situations and stay in the thoughts of how unlucky or unfortunate they are.

SupportCertain events can be disheartening, though it's in the Strength and Courage that is developed that we stand taller.

When we learn how our scars are evidence of enduring the battles in Life, we become hardened Warriors.

Thus, we can now be an example for others to see that Rising Above life’s difficulties is possible.

Are You Cause?

InferiorityThe Outcomes we have in life are determined by something other than accident.

If you believe in Coincidence, that’s fine, just remember that “Co-Incidence” simply means that incidents are happening simultaneously.

So take a look at your current results and decide whether you are the Cause or the Effect?


Unless we are willing to accept Responsibility for what we have in life, we are setting ourselves up to be a consistent Victim.

Until you have realized that you actually do have a Choice, you will be left with a really great Story you can tell anyone who wants to listen.

Why Would You Forgive?


We have be taught, or conditioned, that Forgiveness means letting the other person off the hook for what they did.

No wonder we choose not to Forgive.

Yet, the person that suffers the most is the one that refuses to Forgive.

Withholding Forgiveness feeds Resentment, Pain, Guilt, Stress and many other maladies and cannot be Healthy for our physical body either.


Consider a new definition for Forgiveness.

Remember, Resentment means taking the poison and expecting the other to die.

To Forgive means that you Release your Resentment while not condoning the behavior of the other.

It’s as simple as that.