Do You Believe?


Do you possibly possess a Midas Touch?

Likely not if you didn’t even Believe.

The importance of our Beliefs cannot be understated.Creative

I have seen people convert an entirely Fear, Lack and Scarcity based conversation to one of Hope, Faith and Abundance with physical evidence to prove it.

The key element has been Belief.

PrayerIf you really want what you want and are prepared to do whatever it takes, Belief becomes stronger.

The highest form of Commitment is: I am willing to alter the Universe, if necessary, to make it happen.

Before going after what you want, check your Beliefs.

The Gift Of The Present

StressThe Human Condition unfortunately has us focusing a lot on the Past.

We sometimes get the silly notion that we can somehow Change the Past. We want it to be more, less, better or different so we can feel good about ourselves right Now.

StressBecause we’re also intelligent enough to know that we cannot Change the Past, we end up stuck.

That’s a major dilemma for many of us.

Some people spend a lot of their time looking into the Future as well.

If you can accurately predict what will happen, let me know and meet me at the racetrack!

If Not Now, When?


Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Who or What is it that’s stopping you in life and when are you going to do something about it?

By the way, the Who or What is secondary.



First, we must all start with Our internal conversation and deal with that.

Then, we can determine if involving anyone else is necessary.

More often than not, it’s Us that needs to make the Choice to take Action.



That could look like letting go, releasing, accepting or forgiving.

Before you adamantly choose otherwise, ask yourself what it’s costing you to stay in pain.

Unconditional Love

Being Right

What is required for Unconditional Love is total and complete Surrender and Acceptance.

That’s the issue, now isn’t it?

When we have had our heart broken in the Past, it sure doesn’t seem like a good idea to put ourselves in a vulnerable position again, does it?

Yet, that’s the rub.

Being RightIf we don’t take the risk, we will likely end up in a Relationship filled with Fear, Doubt and Insecurity or utterly Alone.

Is that the kind of Life experience you want to have?

Take a look at your current situation and ask about your Conditions, not theirs, yours!

Where Did It Go?


Lost your mojo?

We can all point to a time in Life when we’ve had Success.

At times, we find ourselves wondering how it slipped away.

It’s about Practice and Discipline. To maintain Success in anything requires a focused effort.

UnfitThose that don’t have much aren’t willing to do much.

Sometimes all we need to do is something, anything, that resembles Discipline for that consistent sense of Accomplishment that allows us to create Success and Possibility.Fitness


Ask yourself what you are Committed to, then develop a plan and with Practice and Committed Action, see the plan through to its completion.

What’s Your Choice?


Life is filled with Choices.

Most of the critical Choices we make are done automatically and without much regard to where they’ve come from or what impact they have.

If everything we Do has consequences, how come we pay such little attention; particularly to who we’re Being?

DoubtSure, when the chips are down, you may have an innate ability to show up and Do the right thing.

Same goes for when we are left with a mess to clean up because we weren’t Being conscious about the other Choice we often make, which is to let our Mediocrity run amok.

Speaking Your Truth


While it’s important to be able to express yourself, be aware that your Truth is not necessarily the Truth.

There is often a massive distance between Fact and Opinion.

The goal is to consistently check your thinking to able to gauge whether you’re Correct or not.


Funny thing is that being Correct usually is secondary to being Right.

While no one likes to be Wrong or made Wrong, it may be a good idea to get used to not Needing to be Right.


The Need to be Right requires a steep price and can cost relationships, jobs and other opportunities.

Who Do You Love?

You can’t love another unless you love yourself.LoveYourself

This age-old idea is so true that missing the importance or value of its wisdom can leave us literally alone.

When looking for solutions to the problems we face in life, there is no better place to start with than in the mirror.

Many people want to blame others for the issues they are confronted with and will not see their own part.

LoveYourselfWith the rise of self-awareness comes the call for personal responsibility to the degree that we simply cannot point the finger elsewhere.

Want a better life?

Love yourself first.

How Are You Being?

ExpressionWe often ask one another:

“How are you Doing?”

The question that provides a more accurate response is:

“How are you Being?”


After all, we are human Beings, not human Doings.Fitness

The secret ingredient to pay attention to is Being.

In case you weren’t aware, anything you Do is always a result of who you are Being.

And, if what you Have is important to you, yes take a look at what you’re Doing, yet more importantly inquire as to your Being to get to the heart of the matter.



The formula is Be Do Have, not Do Have Be.

No Offense Taken


What people say about you can, at times, have nothing to do with you at all.

That’s the funny thing about Feedback.

Sometimes Feedback will tell you much more about the other person than it will about you.

Learning how to read and identify such behavior is the tricky part.

DisagreeYour intuitive senses will tell you right away that the Feedback doesn’t fit, yet it will still be important to look for what does.

Then, once you’ve done an honest assessment, you can clearly see how the other’s Feedback was intended more for their Ego’s Survival, not for your benefit.