Business As Usual

Being RightWhen someone in Business does something we don’t agree with or seemingly immoral and unethical, it might be a good idea to pause and ask a few questions.

Were they doing what was in their best interest?

Was the action illegal?

Most often not; people do things in a very calculating way so as to avoid legal action against them.

A better question might be:

Is it worth the hassle?

DisagreementPeople will test boundaries and will likely get away with questionable behavior simply because they know that most folks won’t bother, you can bet that is factored in as well.

The Time Of Your Life


As I celebrate my birthday today, I am reminded how important it is to cherish every day.

I’ve experienced quite a few near-death events and am grateful for my life.



The well-wishes are too many to count and much appreciated.

I am in gratitude that in a little over a month, I’ll be celebrating my sobriety birthday, God willing.

I want to express my thanks to all the people in my life.



Some of us have lost touch, yet we cannot deny the joy we once shared.

It is important to live each day to the best of your ability.

Wanting What You Have

Wanting what we Want is a great way to be engaged in the possibility of growth and expansion.Risk

We lose sight of how important it is to start with Wanting what we Have.

We often block receiving what we don’t yet Have because we haven’t accepted what we already possess.

MasteryThe solution is easy. Make a list of all the people, places and things you can be grateful for in your life right now; even if gratitude seems to not fit too well at the moment.

Next, take the time to embrace what you Have and celebrate them as Gifts.

Focusing On The Present


We are often told to: “Focus on the Future.”

Unfortunately, the human condition has us Focusing mostly on the Past.

Strange, yet often true. For some odd reason, we humans continue to reinforce Negative Beliefs by collecting evidence to be right about how wrong we are.Mastery

What we can best be served by is to Focus on the Present.

The Present is the only place and time where anything occurs.

Everything has already happened in the Past and nothing has yet to transpire in the Future.Timing


In effect, the only time that exists is Now.

What time are you choosing?

Singing Your Song

MusicDon’t die with your music in you.

This is a profound quote I once heard that has Inspired me to literally write and record an extensive amount of new music.



You might know of the feeling that comes over one when life hangs in the balance.

The thought also applies to Expression of all of our Gifts, both personally and professionally.

Sheet Music

Think about what the world wouldn’t get if you left it undone or worse, never even began.

Most of the things we appreciate in life result from someone discovering their Gift and going the distance to create from it.

Playing A Bigger Game

A lot of people talk about playing a Bigger Game, yet how many are actually doing so?Games

Truly, it can be rather daunting to take one’s Dreams and convert them into Reality.

This is why so many are fond of the saying: “I’ll believe it when I see it.”



For great things to happen, Greatness must be present.

Things don’t occur just by accident or coincidence. There will always be at least an Intention.Support


What’s required most often is not only a grand Idea, but a grand Plan and a host of Support. Going it alone is the hard way.

Pressing Your Buttons

ConfrontationDo you know people that press your buttons?

You can find yourself completely out of sorts when someone comes along and says or does that one thing that sets you off.

It can be challenging to slow down enough to notice how you are reacting before something goes bad.

Some folks seem to get a charge out of watching others lose it.

DisagreeIf you can identify what you’re sensitive to, you can develop a plan or strategy to overcome your emotions when confronted.

Being RightOr, you can be at the mercy of people, places and things.

What are you choosing today?

Feeling Possibility?

The energy we have around the creating of what we want is critical.Possible

Sure, we would like to be Feeling Definite about how things will turn out, but since we cannot know the future in its entirety, what’s the next available option?

How about: Feeling Possibility?

This idea stemmed from a Coaching call I had this morning with my Business Partner.Spirituality

It is so important to know something with regards to what we intend; far better than being in the dark.

The problem comes about when not only are we not Feeling Definite, but Feeling Possibility is also in doubt.

Trust In Others

We take great risk when putting our Trust in others.Trust

Should we deny Trust, we are left without opportunity and chances for success are extremely limited.

When people let us down, Trust erodes.

Sometimes, we don’t know what course to take and may even lose due to hesitation.

TrustThe way through this dilemma is to learn how to Trust your instincts and intuition.

It may also be a good idea to discover how to Trust in God.Risk

We are each given an awareness that allows us to filter information.




Tuning into that gift is what makes our choices more effective.

Just Say It!

We often withhold valuable information from one another for the sake of not hurting feelings or not coming off as being too harsh.Silent

What happens then is that total confusion arises because Ineffective Communication is so easy to spot.

Worse, we do great disservice to each other when Honesty isn’t present or veiled by attempts to nicely say what needs to be said.

HonestyWe are unwilling to take necessary risks because we don’t want to look bad or point out what is usually apparent anyways.

Sometimes, people cannot see certain things.

Allowing them to go about life unaware solves nothing.