Chaos In My Thoughts

Internal DialogueYour Thoughts are some of the most important elements of your Life, if only you Pay Attention to them.

If you’re Aware of your Thoughts, what are they?

Do they Benefit you and others?

Are they Selfish, Ego-based and Victimized?

Funny thing is that all your Thoughts are made up.Failure

The Question: Where are they coming from?

Do your Thoughts come from a place that Serves you or are they based in a Story that keeps you Small and Inconsequential?

Unless you become Conscious about what your Thoughts are and where they come from, you will become Enslaved by them.

I Don’t Have The Time

ActNowTime is something that’s sometimes taken for granted.

Having or not having Time is somewhat of a silly notion in that Time is not something that can be Possessed.

There’s an underlying Conversation for some that have issues with Time.

The Dialogue ties in to Events in one’s Life where they were Rejected or Abandoned.Now

Thus, Intimacy which requires Time, is not something to Engage in for Risk of having a Broken Heart again.

People will make themselves so busy and fill their schedule up to the degree that Intimacy is nearly Impossible.

Not having the Time keeps you Safe.

Hurt My Feelings

Wrong People


You can quickly identify where you’re at on the Emotional scale based on how Sensitive you are to others.

Do you find yourself Powerless to those who seemingly have Control over you?

If you are consistently dealing with Hurt Feelings or Conflict, it may Now be the time for you to consider Reinventing how you handle such Events.

InferiorityNotice if you are quick to React versus taking the time to Respond.

The words and Feelings of others are theirs, not yours.

Now is the time to take your Power back.

Your Emotional State is your Responsibility and no one else’s.

I Can’t Forgive

UnhappyMake a quick, short list of the people in your Life that you are Unwilling to Forgive.

Now, ask yourself:

What am I getting for not Forgiving?

When you refuse to Forgive, the Value
of the Resentment you are holding onto is greater.

Sure, you can Justify and Defend your Resentment and maybe even find others that will Agree with you.Being Right

Forgiveness is not about Invalidating what happened. It is about you Learning
how to Release your Resentment, so you can Proceed with your Life.

What you may not Know can harm you.

Resentment is self-induced Poison that perpetuates Victimhood.

Command Versus Control

DoubtCommand is what we Respect and Admire in Leaders and what we Aspire to.

We want our children to Act and Behave like these Leaders.

Conversely, when an individual establishes their Need for Control, most people will turn away.

The Need, sometimes coming in the form of Desperation, appears like a Tyrant or Dictator
would and is not desirable.

Being ClearThus, it is critical to raise your Awareness of how you are Being in relation to Command versus Control.

If you are the Controlling type, and you’ll know it, the time may be Now for you to Practice being in Command.

It Can’t Be True

Being RightWhen your Come From is filled with Fear, Doubt and Insecurity, you will have a Limited outcome.

Not much in your Life will be Experienced as Authentic, Honest or True when you cannot Believe things to be so.

Belief is the Key to all Success.

When you have Doubt about something, it’s a good time to Open yourself to greater Possibility.

MasteryIf you didn’t Know, when you find yourself Stuck in an Answer (such as Doubt), you have only one Possibility available.

Yet, when you avail yourself to the Inquiry and Discovery of the Question, Infinite Possibilities will be Revealed.

Now You Know

EnlightenmentEnlightenment comes at various times throughout Life.

You are born Beautiful
and Innocent, then you Experience the Events that develop your Story and when you can finally Overcome the Mediocrity that comes with it, you have Transcended to greater Awareness.

So, Now You Know.

That’s the Good News; the Bad News is:

Now You Know.Fitness

Why is it Bad? Because your Mediocrity is constantly in waiting, hoping for the Opportunity to step back in and take over.

Laziness and Complacency sometimes come much easier when you have Accomplishments.

Thus, it’s Critical to be Vigilant for Knowing where you’ve Come From.

The Importance Of Mental Health

MeditatingWhile Physical Health is critical and much Attention is given to it, the Importance of Mental Health cannot be disregarded.

In fact, it can be equally Important, if not more so, because it’s our Mental Health that
contributes greatly to our Emotional Health which, in turn, makes a difference on our Physical Health.

Some folks have Conditions that affect their Mental Health.Serenity

To ignore the necessary Care for such Conditions is akin to knowingly spreading the Plague.

When you can accept what Is as Is and do what’s Right to Manage it, you are Giving
yourself the Opportunity for Success.

What’s Working

SuccessHere is a classic and simple Debriefing tool used by Leaders to Identify areas of Success and areas that need Improvement.

After asking: What’s Working, then Inquire
as to: What’s Not Working.

A great way to Assess where you are at Right
is to list 5 things that are Working and 5 things that are Not Working.Disagreement

Once you’re complete, Celebrate What is Working and use the What’s Not Working list to Focus on the areas you want to Improve.

Once those items are now Working, new items will show up on the What’s Not Working list; simply Continue.

Senior To Your Circumstances

GandhiWhen you have situations in Life that Overwhelm you, it’s often an indication that your Circumstances are in charge; Overwhelm is a by-product of Procrastination.

Becoming Senior to your Circumstances is a Leadership distinction.

Leaders don’t allow themselves to be Governed by Circumstances.

They look at Problems and immediately declare:Mandela

No Problem.”

It’s a Masculine energy that you will want to access regardless of your gender.

Being Solution-based allows you to access Creativity and Discover how to Manage situations that others are often Defeated by.

If you’re Playing a big Game in Life, you cannot be held hostage to Circumstances.