Don’t Matter, Not Worthy, Not Good Enough

The internal conversation underneath the story of our Inferiority, which we all possess, lies in one of three ideas: I don’t matter, I’m not worthy or I’m not good enough.Beliefs

I don’t matter results in not getting the Love we needed.

Being not worthy has to do with not getting the Attention we needed.

Not being good enough is about not getting the Approval we needed.


ContemplationWe maintain our story of Inferiority by collecting evidence to be right about how wrong we are.

This is done for our Ego’s Survival and can be very unhealthy.

The alternative is simply Mastery.


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Getting What You Don’t Want

A lot of emphasis is placed on getting what we want in life. There are many tools and strategies designed to support us in having precisely what we Desire.Disagree

What do we do with outcomes that weren’t in the plan?

First, we must begin with Acceptance.

Essentially, this takes Surrender to what is because what isn’t is defined mostly by our internal dialogue about what should have been.

Not much we can do about that.Dissatisfied

Once we Surrender, we look at our initial plan to see what didn’t work.

It is important to put such information in a Neutral place.

What’s The Big Idea?

Having passion about new ideas is paramount in making them come true. Critical is taking action in alignment with your newfound excitement.Decision

Fulfillment occurs when we maintain a focus and clarity on our Desire.

Dreams that turn into nightmares happen when Fear, Doubt and Insecurity come about and run our internal dialogue. It’s a common outcome that people experience.

ThinkingInnovation is often destroyed solely because the conversation in our head or the reservations of others becomes so loud that we stop listening to the call of our Dream.

How many ideas have you had that were immediately cancelled by Doubt?

Communication Conundrum

The cost of ineffective Communication can be very expensive.Pain

If you weren’t aware, over 70% of all Communication is non-verbal.

What that means is that we all give and receive signals that speak louder than words; far more than what is being said.

Often, verbal dialogue will present an entirely opposite Communication than what a person’s body is saying, thus causing great confusion.

CynicalBe careful not to React in such instances. Reaction causes an unhealthy emotional engagement that usually doesn’t work.

When experiencing such challenges, notice your Intuition.

That’s when you sense the mismatch between the verbal and non-verbal Communication.

The Mastery Mystery

Mastery is something many people aspire to professionally, yet these days many are pursuing Life Mastery.Inspiration

Like mastering one’s vocation can take many years, mastering your life can be just as daunting a task.

It generally takes at least 2,000 hours or 10 years to Master a skill or craft.

HumbleThis takes practice, education and training; just like Life.

Funny thing is that with Life, most of the work involved actually requires an Unlearning of Conditioned Beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve.

We expend great efforts to complicate a truly simple process.

It starts with really knowing and loving yourself.

Are You For Real?

Words like Authentic and Genuine seem to be a bit overused and some folks actually check-out upon hearing them.Communication

The important thing to remember is that seldom do words have much Meaning; what’s important to consider is the Meaning behind the words.

Now comes that hard part. Being able to tell the difference between the actors and the people that are simply stating what’s Real for them.

Being Right

Some individuals are well skilled at performing while many others are not; it is an art, after all.

This is where Trust and Intuition are combined to help us make the right choices.

Wanting What You Say You Want

If the Words and the Actions don’t match up, then what’s said is just hot air.

Self TalkLet’s be honest, we’ve all stated an Intention or Desire that never materialized.

These particular broken agreements that we make with ourselves and others areBeing Honest often the most painful because when the Declaration is made, we are likely very sincere.

What’s worse is that when it doesn’t happen, we are out of Integrity.

In case you weren’t aware, being out of Integrity will make you ill in many ways including the physical.Slience

If you’re just talking, the sickness starts immediately upon opening your mouth.

Take A Flying Leap

CourageHesitation can lead to defeat.

When we are provided with an opportunity, it is critical to be conscious to the prevailing winds of our present mindset.

For many, a form of default exists whereby no inquiry is made and the conditioned instinct is to hold back. Thus, possibilities lessen, safer ground is maintained and a mediocre existence is sustained.

At the same time, we then retreat to disappointment for not having acted and chalk up another missed chance.Contemplation


Is this the life that you really want?


The idea here is not to act irresponsibly, rather to practice taking bold risks.

Changing The Past

We all have something from our Past that we would like to have gone differently.

DisagreeSome of it was extremely painful and being reminded of it can bring great suffering, even to the Present day.

Yet, that’s the trouble, now isn’t it? The fact is we cannot do anything about has already occurred; the Past literally won’t change.


Emphasis must be placed not on what happened, rather on what is happening Now.

What needs to be changed is how we hold the painful memories in the Present.



To regain our Power, we must stop giving it away to the Past.

Keeping It Super Simple

Who am I? What do I want? Where am I? What do I know?Guru's

These are the same, simple questions the guru’s keep asking.

They first ask themselves then they ask us to inquire about them.

They’ve gone to the mountain, spent countless amounts of time meditating in the cave and come back to this.



In reality, each of these questions can go very, very deep, yet it is in the search and the pursuit of the answers, truly the Answering, that we discover our own true meaning.




The wisdom is super simple because it doesn’t need to be complex.