Winning Isn’t Everything…

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”Winning

This is a quote from Vince Lombardi, famous football coach.

The idea here is to have the Mindset of a Winner in order to maintain consistent Success.

Most professionals, upon reaching that level of skill and expertise, are essentially equal.Faith

What sets Winners apart from Losers is often the Attitude and Mindset, combined with Committed Action towards their Discipline.Support

Losses and failures are excellent motivators and teachers, yet not the intended outcome.

We all know the joy and celebration of victory.



Diligent Practice is the price and what sets the tone for Winning.

What Did You Say?

We often forget about that other side of Communication called Listening. Listening

When someone feels heard, they are more likely to reciprocate and be engaged in the relationship.

Conversely, when we are checked-out or not giving by simply Listening to one another, we will quickly recognize that others cannot be counted on.

Thus trust is diminished and the connection fades.EyeContact

This can be very tough ground to recover, particularly when the other person is someone close to us.

Responsible Listening requires an absolute care for the value of what the other individual is expressing. Ignore that and they will feel rejected.

How’s Your Life?

Living life to its fullest” seems abstract and hard to accomplish.Expression Passion

Yet, in reality, it is likely the most effective way to experience being whole and complete.

Yes, Life has its considerations that we must handle.


The idea is to be Senior to your circumstances in such a way that you also have the time and energy to be fully self-expressed.

It’s in the denying of our expression that Life is experienced as incomplete.

In order to have the Life of your dreams, you must maintain a commitment to a standard and quality of living that will not be compromised.

Freedom From The Past

Holding onto what we need to let go of can be one of most difficult processes one can undertake.Enlightenment

The Past, as much as it means something to us, cannot be any more, less, better, worse or different than it is…or was.

Many people like to say: It is what it is.

I prefer: It was what it was.

By simply leaving it in the Past, I can now get Present and that is where true Freedom lies.



Additionally, should I have hope for the Future, the best chance I have is to start from the Present, not the Past.

Right Place, Right Time

In case you weren’t aware, the Right Place is Here and the Right Time is Now. ActionNow

That’s the way it works every single time. Let’s look at this idea at a deeper level.

Being in the Right Place has much to do with placing ourselves in venues that allow for good things to happen. For example, a bar is not the best place for a recovering alcoholic to being hanging out.

Having a Vision


More importantly, being in the Right Time has everything to do with being Present, which is the key to being able to spot opportunities and to capitalize on them.

Clarity Is Critical


As clear as mud.”

We’ve all heard that expression. In life things will, at times, appear muddy and out of focus, yet that’s the time to establish Clarity.

We can either choose to wait things out, dive in or move on. Sometimes mud simply doesn’t clear up.

Blair SingerBlair Singer, author of Sales Dogs, talks about the value of “As-Is-ing.”

What that simply means is recognizing what is, as it is, and dealing with only that.

Our feelings and emotions about things are just inventions of the mind.

We spend, dare I say waste, inordinate amounts of time on what isn’t!

Ready For What’s Next?

Enough can’t be said about being prepared.Disagreement

Yet some of us so desperately need our environment to be under some form of (our!) control, that any alternative is unacceptable.

We assert ourselves, often in unsavory ways, simply to avoid being uncomfortable with the unknown.

RunningSome of us run. We can’t tolerate certain situations, yet escaping tells of being willing to be elsewhere, thus preparation is required, if only in the moment.

The most natural course is to go with the flow.

No matter the circumstance, even with spontaneity, we need to be able to manage what’s in front of us.

If You Don’t Ask…

AbundanceMoney rarely falls out of the sky.

Like anything, if it was that easy, the game would be getting the biggest container to Receive all the cash, underneath where the money is falling.




Getting what you want in life actually does require that your receptors are open to Receiving.

We all know how to Ask for or imagine and desire what we want, yet often don’t get it because we have yet to prepare ourselves to Allow it to come in.


Plainly put: If you don’t Ask, you won’t get…and, you won’t anything get until you are ready to Receive.

I Put My Trust In You

I once heard that if you cannot Trust that it is likely that you cannot be Trusted. Success


Probably true more often than not.

Of course, we all have examples of people or organizations (maybe even governments?) that have proven they can’t be Trusted.Bad People

Giving one’s Trust can be very challenging when we’ve had our heart broken or a deal went bad, yet to withhold Trust limits possibilities.

What to do?

Trust your intuition and wisdom and give people a chance to redeem themselves.

Naturally, we would love Trust to be unconditional. If necessary, state that your concerns or establish conditions.

The Context Complex

Everyone operates within a Context whether aware of it or not.


Those holding the highest Context will most often prevail over all others.

This is not common information and be aware that those that are conscious about this are likely using it to their benefit.Inferiority




Knowing and understanding the Context by which you conduct your life is far more critical than virtually anything you can concern yourself with.

The downside to this awareness is that people are generally oblivious to the Context for their lives and worse, slide into a purely negative Context, thus keeping them small, unfulfilled and insignificant.