“How” Is Secondary

Virtually anything you want depends far more on the Why than the How.Internal Dialogue

If you weren’t aware of this, think back to something great you have accomplished in your life and notice the importance you placed on having it happen.

That was the Why at work.Insecurity


When it comes to How to get something done, we can either be paralyzed by it or let the Why step in and take over.


Unfortunately, the How paralysis wins out most often and many dreams are left unfulfilled simply because the Why wasn’t developed well enough.

Have you figured out your Why yet?

Shifting Gears

Learning how to Shift perspective or attitude can be one of the most challenging Disagreementtransformations one can undertake.

Most folks don’t even pay much attention and thus miss the prices they pay for Reacting versus Responding.

Life will continue to give us opportunities to Shift.

Unexpected activities, tiredness or plain laziness will set in as Comfort and if there’s one thing humans hate it’s: Being Uncomfortable.

UnfitSo, how to deal with this dilemma? Practice doing what we don’t feel like doing. In other words: Shift.

You will quickly see the value in Shifting and the impact on yourself and others.

You Can’t Be Perfect All The Time

The thing about failure is that it reminds us that we aren’t perfect.Trust

I believe this is essential to our ability to be Humble.

Quite frankly, our world lacks humility.

Getting Humble isn’t like throwing a switch.


It has other necessary elements; like acceptance, tolerance and patience.

It often takes an event to wake us up from the deep sleep of ego. How can we get there without paying the price of being humiliated?

Waking UpFirst, thing to know: Being Humble doesn’t mean being humiliated.

Humility is about quieting our ego, while humiliation is about extremely turning up our ego’s volume.

Embracing The Unknown

Most of us are fairly sure about what we Know. Control

We also don’t care much for the concept of a Know-it-all.

This conundrum isn’t about whether we are correct or not.

It is centered in our ego’s need to Be Right.


The unfortunate outcome of this need is that in order to Be Right, someone must be wrong.

DisagreementI know it pains me to the soul to be made out as wrong.

The pain is less so today simply because I have given up the need to Be Right.

This is quite challenging for someone who loves to Be Right.

Make Up Your Mind


Lewis Carroll said in Alice in Wonderland: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

An important thing to know if life is what you want; what your heart truly desires. Alice-in-Wonderland

This is not about fantasy or wishful-thinking, it’s about clarity and purposeful thought.

Write down what you want, set it aside for a day or two and do it again, then compare to look for consistency.


Consider what you want your life to look like when you’re in your eighties. What does the next year of your life look like?

What do you want?

Do I Have To?

When we think about the things we Have To do in life, the usual list of making money, maintaining relationships or taking care of health matters is what comes to mind.Listening

In reality, those things and so much more are Get To elements in life.

If you think about it, you could die tomorrow and wouldn’t Get To nor Have To do anything!

PassionDon’t get caught up in the intricacies of life’s consistent needs.

The goal is to identify that what you truly love and desire to do are actually the Have To’s and the rest are simply Get To’s.

What Does It Mean?


So much value is placed in words.

In reality, words are just words and what’s more important is the Meaning within the words.

Things get tricky when we interpret or have opinions about what is said or written.

Truth and fact are often attached to Meaning we make up or decide about.


When we raise our awareness of what intention lies behind words, we have a greater opportunity to assess the Meaning and respond versus react.

Unfortunately, emotions dictate our interpretation, so it’s wise to pause and digest before responding.Communication


It is critical to deliver and receive communication with responsibility.

Shine Your Light

When I look into your eyes I see, a world of possibility, in you, it’s true. When you ShineLightPix02realize that you can be, anything you want to be, you’ll know, and it will show; you’ll feel, that’s its real.

There’s a dream inside of you, that no one can take away from you; and you’re the only one to make it come true.

So, Shine Your Light, tonight.

Shine Your LightThese are the words to a song I’ve written about the value of recognizing your possibilities in life. It is especially important for me today because my daughter is celebrating birthday.

Here’s a link to a video of her singing the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds5XoFodgDQ Enjoy!

Guilt Versus Shame

When I hear people say they “feel bad” about something they’ve said or done, I interpret that as Shame.

ShameLet’s be honest, if we are truly Guilty for something, then feeling anything about it really doesn’t matter a whole lot.

Yes, we can be contrite or remorseful, yet Guilt is usually resolved by making things right and/or having to deal with the consequences.



Shame is a totally unnecessary notion that allows people to continue doing bad things, not learn from their mistakes and leave a perpetual trail of damaged relationships.


Guilt provides the opportunity to take Responsibility for our actions.

No Matter What

Virtually every great success can be attributed to a certainty that includes a faith that it will happen: No Matter What.

ConvictionHave you ever played at that level? It’s a mindset that something very specific will happen without regard for any obstacles, challenges or barriers.

Examples are sometimes referred to as miracles.


If you have ever tasted the victory that follows this intensity, you know how valuable it is.

Often, the difference between possible and impossible is belief.

Failure exists mostly because fear, doubt and insecurity about the result are allowed to guide.



It’s the attitude that determines the outcome.