I Do Declare

The power and value of Declaration cannot be overstated.Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich, speaks of Auto-suggestion. It’s important to note that in the sequence of his teaching, Desire, then Faith must be in place before Auto-suggestion.

This is critical for you to know when pursuing your dreams.

ActionGet clear on what you want. Have that burning obsession about it. Be certainty that it can and will happen. Write about it. Tell yourself about it. Choose the right people around you to share it with.

Know in your heart of hearts that what you Declare will occur.

If Content Is King, Then Context Is God

We hear over and over again about the importance of Content.Action

Sure, a songwriter needs to produce a catchy hook for a song to sell. A photographer must capture that right emotion, at the right time, to get published. Words don’t matter, their meaning does.

Still, all Content pales in comparison to Context.

Context contains the space that Content resides in.


It’s music that touches our soul; the songs are just an aid. It’s the expression of the image that moves us; not just another picture. We can say or write anything; it’s our intention that drives the point home.

What’s Important Now=WIN

NowWe can get stuck in the past way too often. While it may be important to learn the appropriate lesson from our experiences, it may also be extremely harmful to place excessive energy on what has happened.

Yet, we do it over and over again. Why? Because it reinforces some form of story that we need to obsess about.Pain

It becomes a convenient way to avoid taking responsibility for our part.

So, how do we get over it?

Get present! It’s as plain and simple as that.



Ask yourself: “What’s Important Now?”

Notice that it’s an acronym standing for WIN!

Embracing Your Greatness

For some it can be one of the most difficult processes to identify and embrace their Greatness.

Clarity of Purpose


We can get caught up in life’s day-to-day challenges to the degree that we lose sight of what is possible. Worse, what floods in is consistent evidence to reinforce our Mediocrity.


My Vision

We must be mindful and diligent about where we are.

That doesn’t mean your GPS location; it’s being definitively clear and aware of what’s going on inside of us. Should we fail to be observant, our hopes, wishes and desires are now subjected to chance, rather than what we make of them.

The Rules For Ego Survival

PerspectiveFor virtually any conflict you may be experiencing in life, the first place to look is in the mirror.

Be careful not to discount this suggestion as trite or a cute euphemism that you’ve heard over the years. This is one of the most beneficial tools you can ever apply to your life.

The Rules for Ego Survival are:

  1. Looking Good (making someone else Bad)
  2. Being Right (making someone else Wrong)
  3. Avoiding Pain (making someone else Responsible)
  4. Being In/Out of Control (making someone else Submit)
  5. Maintaining the Story (making your Inferiority story a reality)

This information is for you and not those you experience conflict with.

ContemplationPix24They have their own ego to deal with and it’s time for us to start taking responsibility for our life conflicts and stop pointing the finger elsewhere.

Compelled To Action

Getting into gear and taking Action is usually preceded some form of clarity. At times, this clarity can be of the painful variety.






For example, the loss of love, financial stress or becoming unemployed can raise our awareness quickly.


Other motivators can be found in boredom or lack of direction. The important thing to consider is that once Activated, our motivation shifts. The shift can often reshape our thoughts, feelings and emotions from those of scarcity to those of abundance.



The goal is to be compelled to Action naturally.

As opposed to being forced into Acting in reaction to circumstance.

The Waiting Game


Do you know how long it takes when you Wait? As long as you are willing to Wait is the answer.

Waiting and hesitating can often have dire consequences as opportunities are missed.

Waiting6The practice of generating consistent results is nullified and complacency, even laziness, will prevail.






If you have an ever-growing list of things you want, it’s time to stop Waiting.

Sometimes, we’re in a position to Wait on others. Get clear as to whether their complacency or laziness is infecting your success.

When you are The Demand for results in your life, people around you will respond accordingly.

Asking For What You Want

Demanding1It may seem cavalier to come right out and declare what you want.

In reality, how would anyone know if you didn’t ask?

Asking is not demanding, that’s another story for another day.


Learning how to be courageous enough to ask follows the wisdom of being clear about the specifics.

Asking2Be aware that when we get what we ask for, there may be conditions we weren’t prepared to fulfill.Wanting2



It is important to realize that what we ask for is already available to us. The most critical piece is to practice keeping our receptors open. Are you ready to receive?

On The Fence

Hesitation kills the Warrior.Standing On The Fence It may be prudent to pause before taking action, yet this can become paralyzing when lacking decisiveness. We have all had the experience of knowing that to do something, anything, was the most viable course.Sitting On The Fence

Still we idled time away.

Thinking is the least effective way of taking action.

On The Fence4




This quote resounds for me when stuck in thought while painfully aware of being trapped with inaction. The remedy I find most useful is to write out a simple list of what is clouding my thoughts and then committing to getting it done; moving thought to action.

Making Things Right

I’m sorry.” These are two of the most misused words in our vocabulary.Cynical

You can feel regret, remorse or contrite about an action, yet more often than not, “I’m sorry” equals a blank check. “You can count on me to do it again.” A lot of people say it even when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong!

Self Talk


You don’t need to say “Sorry” ever again. It’s about taking responsibility for your action, offering to make it right and honoring your word to do so.



Also, you can establish a new commitment to affirm your intention to not let it happen again.