Do You Hear What I Hear?

Strange how our experiences and interpretations can differ from each other even when the source is the same.  Reality is absolute and what sets us apart is where and how we receive information.
Where we hear things from is

not always about the external location and often about our internal place.  How we hear things also has everything to do about what’s going on inside.

On one hand that’s the beauty of our uniqueness, yet can also be the source of our separation from seeing things as they truly are.
It’s important to be able to find alignment with others.

It Starts With Me

It has been said that Leaders are Responsible for it all.  That means everything, not just what we choose.
True, it is critical to take care of ourselves and our immediate surroundings, yet when we stop there what are we left with?
What’s in it for me,”
 or “I’ll get mine
have become our primary focus, rather than “How can I serve?
One of the main reasons that our society has become so isolated from one another is that we have limited our individual ability to make the impact that each of us were put in this life to make.

End of Days

Living like today is the last day of our lives is a mindset that sets many apart from the mundane.  To be effective, this attitude requires a high level of responsibility.  It’s not about throwing caution to the winds.  Courage doesn’t include ignorance, that’s called recklessness.
Conducting one’s affairs with urgency often leads to profound results.  If our mortality has ever been threatened, we now know the value of each moment.  The point is that gratitude and appreciation for all things creates a steady flow of abundance towards us simply because we are in joy with what we already have.

Giving Is Living

When we give so much it hurts, we are not truly living. Yes, we may have breath, though we have no life.  It seems counter-intuitive that the most effective way to receive is to give to ourselves first.
Unless we primarily give to ourselves what we want, then we cannot give that to others. Further, what we want that we cannot provide will be that much more difficult to receive.  If we want to give love, we must love who we are in order to receive it.  It is true that we cannot transmit that which we do not possess.

How to Forgive

Forgiveness is about Resentment.
The primary reason we won’t forgive is that the value we have built up in resenting another is greater than the value of freeing ourselves from the pain.
We have been conditioned to believe that to forgive means to let the other off the hook.
It really has nothing to do with the other.
When we choose not to forgive, we are only negatively affecting our being.
Whether the other is contrite, regretting or remorseful for their actions is beside the point.
To forgive means that we release our Resentment while not condoning the other’s behavior.

Tips for Mastery

First, we must clearly identify our Greatness.  Next, a powerful, compelling Mission Statement for our lives must be present.  It is imperative that we also are supremely aware of our Mediocrity and its impact.
To truly have balance and harmony coexist, we must regularly tend to and maintain the Domains of our lives to the extent that we are having the experience of being whole and complete.
Lastly, when we look at how we are contributing to conflict, taking responsibility for how we are playing ego-based Survival games with ourselves and others, we have the chance to Master our lives.

Sick of Being Sick

We’ve all heard the expression:  “Sick and tired of being sick and tired.”  Being tired can often simply be a conversation or will sometimes refer to actual, physical fatigue.  The internal dialogue about needing rest, as real as it can be, may be exactly what we need to break through.
Illness manifests itself in many ways, often hidden from our awareness.  When others point out our actions and behaviors, it might be a good idea to receive the feedback as an elixir to improve our being. Instead, we defend, justify or flat-out reject feedback and that only exacerbates the problems.

Are You Ready?

Being prepared is critical to the determination of the outcome.  Some of us are great at being the “two-minute quarterback.”  The issues that arise out of putting things off are failure, last-second obstacles and loss of credibility.
Even when we show up victorious in the final hour, people will tend to have concern and stress around counting on us, thus forcing others to be prepared for our unpreparedness.  To some extent, this behavior equals irresponsibility at its height.  If we intend to act responsibly and have others view us as reliable, we must make preparations for success. 
Are you ready?

Gap of Mediocrity

When we are connected to our higher power or higher self our Greatness shines.  Should we become disconnected, Mediocrity ensues and all the things that we don’t want start to show up.
It is true that our external world mirrors our internal world.
How do we stay connected?
We can put our hands together, as if in prayer, which is the universal symbol for connecting to higher consciousness.  When separation occurs, we have left the realm of Greatness and entered into the Gap of Mediocrity.  The trick is to be aware of when the disconnection happens and close the Gap.

Hold On and Let Go

Life can sometimes be referred to as a “wild ride.”  Sometimes it is best to hold on tight, other times we get to let go. What should we hold onto and we should we let go of?  At an enlightened level, there really isn’t anything physical or external that holding onto would benefit.

Practically speaking, we can cling to people, places and things, yet possession may be what we want to let go of. Needing to have something that truly doesn’t belong to us limits possibility.  We can want it and even experience the joy in having and/or getting it.