Justified Resentment?

Can we say that any resentment is justified?  The wrongs that people have done might indicate otherwise.  Justified resentment only ensures that undesirable results will ensue.

Such results include unhappiness, anger, disappointment, frustration and plenty more. If those things don’t take a physical toll, they eventually will and the results will start to look like fatigue, illness, even cancer. These greater outcomes may be indirectly related.
Healing from anything will not been hanced by resentment it may actually be what limits recovery.
The simplest way to overcome resentment is forgiveness. If that price seems too high, check with the alternative.

What’s the Deal?

How we manage our experiences is telling not only to others, but to ourselves.  When our thoughts board a runaway train, starting an avalanche of feelings and emotions, it’s in how we bring things back into control where growth occurs.
Being human, such events will undoubtedly happen, even to the greatest of us.  We tend to respect and admire those that maintain grace under pressure.  The ones that model ideal behavior aren’t always the folks that have had huge successes.  We want to be like people that handle their lives effectively, dealing with life’s challenges with dignity.
What’s your deal?

You Make Me Feel…

When we give our Power away, it doesn’t ever feel good.  Yet, how often are we engaged in this practice and it now determines our lives for us?  On one hand, we can say to someone we love:  “You make me feel special,” and this might actually be the case.
On the other hand, what we tend to do is give others the Power and Control over our feelings and what it makes us is VictimsNo one is in charge of our feelings and emotions but us.  When we give our Power away, we become resigned, defeated and beaten.

Are You For Real?

Wisdom is knowledge plus the awareness of its limitations.”  This quote from Viktor Frankl helps to keep us in line with being fully self-expressed while not creating problems for ourselves and others.
Should how we act differ from what we say, people won’t take us seriously.  When we don’t check our intentions with someone else, we run the risk of being woefully wrong and making major mistakes.  We can practice measuring our reality with what is by asking for feedback and direction.  If we think we don’t need that type of support, we could be in for a rude awakening.

Grace in Place

Of all the tools we could possess to be the person we were meant to be, Gratitude is among the greatest.  Acting gracefully is a practiced art of being in flow with all that is simply because we are thankful for it all.
This isn’t about winning prizes for being an actor.  It’s about our actions authentically occurring from an awareness of self, and the graciousness that comes from realizing that we couldn’t be where we’re without support. Appreciation of what we’ve been given allows us the space to receive more and naturally, we will be apt to give more.

A Beautiful Mind

What is that thought that just doesn’t want to leave?  Sometimes we cannot escape it no matter what we attempt to do.  It might be about someone we care about, our vocation or some unfulfilled dream.
How can we get the idea out and into the real world?  Can we do so in a way that is functional and doesn’t have us or the world thinking we’re crazy?  Find someone that will listen and be willing to listen as well.
It has been said that patience is a virtue and these are the times when being virtuous comes in handy.

Decision or Choice?

A great distinction was recently revealed to me by my Coach regarding Decisions versus Choices.  Basically, a Decision is when we have supporting information, justification or even defensiveness about our Decision.

On the other hand, a Choice needs none of that.  The powerful thing to note here is that the Choice doesn’t have to be defended or justified, it simply is.  The example was eating a chocolate bar.  The Decision would have us saying it’s a reward or it isn’t something that we do all the time. Choice would simply declare:  “I’m eating a chocolate bar.”  Which has greater power?

If the Spirit Moves You

Whether we call it Higher Power or Higher Self, we mostly have a sense of some greater awareness that can be harnessed towards great outcomes.  It is the connection to this awareness that seemingly makes all the difference.
And, should we remain disengaged, struggles, challenges and obstacles loom large over our experience and results are hard to come by.  Acting with Purpose, in relation to our higher being, brings a joy and a passion to the journey that makes the entire process worthwhile.
To simply BE with Purpose may be difficult for some, yet that is what makes life bountiful.

Mastery or Mystery?

Life is truly a choice.  An unexamined life gives us all sorts of surprises and unexpected outcomes that we most often didn’t ask for.  We count on luck or some other form of magic to occur without participating. Our expectations are consistently unmet because we simply demand things to be so and neglect to contribute.
 The people we admire and respect (those that seemingly have it easy in creating results) follow basic, foundational practices that allow them to receive in abundance.  Such activities include raising awareness, mediation, maintaining consistency, actions aligned with commitment, keeping their word and constantly taking measurements.

Spare Time

What to do with all this time?  A full day extra!  How often do we take time for granted?  Imagine all the businesses that are getting that one additional day of income today.  What can we do today to value what we’ve been given?
Who in our lives can we give love to, pay attention to or simply be with as a means of creating value?  Like Christmas, New Year’s Day or Valentine’s Day, do we really need something special to realize that everything in our lives is special?  This is one opportunity to make the most of our day.