If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me

CommunicationThese are the 10 most Powerful 2-letter words that can remind you that no one can accomplish your Dreams,
but You.

At the end of this day, as with any day, your Results are there for you to Assess.

It is a healthy Practice to Review what has occurred and what you did to Create it.

If the Outcomes appear unfavorable, are you taking Responsibility and Committing to correct what needs to be corrected?Vision

If your day ends and you’re ecstatic about what's happened, are you Celebrating and expressing Gratitude?

Are you Being totally Unaware and just letting things Happen?

Neutral Versus Drive Or Reverse

Dream CarAs situations in Life occur, Notice how you React or Respond.

Do you take a Drive approach and Push?

Maybe you take a Reverse course and Retreat.

There is Wisdom in finding a way towards a Neutral existence.

Dream CarWhen choosing Neutrality, you have the Opportunity to simply Be with what Is, as it Is.

When you Push or Retreat, it's likely due to your Emotional Reaction.

The Responsible route allows Freedom from Emotions and Feelings, thus Allowing you to deal with things as they need to be dealt with; without coloring it with Emotion.

Choosing Neutral let’s things work out.

Coming Into Focus

SuccessClarity is something that we all strive towards.

Lacking Focus, often Confusion
and Hesitation prevail.

Thus, it’s important to maintain

What if that’s easier said than done?Recreation

You must be regularly checking in with your

If this requires writing them down on lists or journaling, it cannot be something that’s done in a haphazard fashion.

Make sure that you allocate your Time to achieve what you are Responsible for.

When you have additional Commitments, look for ways to work them into your schedule while not abandoning your existing obligations.

Learn to put off Procrastination, which leads to Overwhelm.

How Do I Get What I Want?

MeditatingSome people Get what they Want by Force. Others use Manipulation.

The most Effective and Honorable way to Get
what you Want in Life is to first get Clear
on what it is.

Then, Declare to yourself that you can Receive it.

SerenityIf necessary,
express your Declaration
to those that would either Support you and/or Provide what you’re Asking for.

Next, it is critical that you Maintain your Attention on Having what you Want.

If you didn’t Know it, you can never Have what you Want as long as you are Stuck in Wanting.

To Receive, you must depart Wanting.

It Was What It Was

DisagreeWe’ve all heard the expression:

It is what it is.”

I prefer to take the Perspective of:

It was what it was.”

For, in actuality, the only thing that ever Is belongs to the Present.

MakeUpMost often, this expression used to refer to the Past, thus: “It was what it was!

It's interesting to note that people are generally Unaware of the language they use and not Aware of the Negative impact of non-supportive dialogue.

The sooner we Listen to what we are saying, the sooner we can see our Conditioning that only serves to keep us Small and Inconsequential.

When Yes Means No

DisagreementYes” is often said to
us, or from us to another, and Nothing is what ends up happening.

Why is that? Are people that flaky? Are you?

Are you looking for Approval?

Is it because you Need to be Liked?

Saying “No” seemingly puts us at risk.

DisagreementUnfortunately, you Lose a tremendous amount of Respect, Trust and Credibility when we don’t Keep Your Word.

Worse, the moment you are Out of Integrity, your body reacts in Unhealthy ways because it
Knows the Pain of Not Keeping Your Word.

Your Mental, Emotional and Physical well-being are then subject to Negative energy.

The Joy Of Collaboration

Music as ContextWhen given the Opportunity to Share in an Endeavor with others, it’ll be a good Test to measure your Ego and how it Engages in Survival or not.

Survival happens when you Need to Look Good, Be Right, Avoid Pain or Be in Control.

The last of the Rules of Survival will have you Maintaining your Story of Inferiority.Choir

These Rules of Survival can be traced to each and every Conflict you encounter with another individual.

Conversely, when you Choose to not play Survival, you open yourself up to a world of Joy.

This Joy is the Joy of Creation.

Are You Happy Now?

GandhiMahatma Gandhi said:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in Harmony.”

A gift from Wisdom tells us the simple Secret to manifesting anything we could Possibly imagine.

If you are not getting what you Want in Life, check how things are against this basic idea.Gandhi

The importance of having your Thoughts, Words and Actions match is undeniable.

This concept fits into all areas of your Life, not just how much Money you’re making.

What if your Relationships, your Health and your Spirituality were in such Harmony too? Being Happy can be Easy.

What Does It Mean?

MLKMartin Luther King, Jr. spoke at length about the Value of living a Life that has Meaning and Purpose.

Many great Leaders are Inspired and Motivated by what they choose to allow Guide them in Life.

That’s because they’ve clearly Defined what’s important to them and how it makes an Impact on others.

The Context they hold is of the highest Quality and the Level of Commitment is at or near the highest Possible.MLK

By the way, if you didn’t know, the highest Level of Commitment is: “I am Willing to alter the Universe, if necessary, to make it Happen.”

Creating Something From Nothing

EnlightenmentCommon terminology in Leadership circles speak to “Creating something from Nothing.

This is a Powerful mindset that increases Value and Outcomes.

Leaders and Visionaries literally speak in a higher Context.

They use Words, Thoughts and Ideas to keep their Feelings and Emotions in Alignment with their Intention and Purpose.

EnlightenmentThese terms may be tossed around by some people, yet rarely Applied.

It’s in the Application and the authentic Living into their Beliefs that produces Consistent results that most folks stand in awe of.

A lot of people think such a Life is Impossible; it is simply waiting to be Realized.