What’s the Big Idea?

Unfulfilled dreams become nightmares.  The other side of that looks like us being engaged in our dream no matter how big, small, different, strange or impossible as it may now seem.

Imagine that anyone that has ever created anything magnificent had to first have a vision and most likely had to overcome many obstacles, mainly the barrier of our own belief systems that tell us we can’t, don’t know how or something worse.  Did that ever stop the greats from their achievements?  Is that is what is stopping you now?  Joy comes from going for it regardless of the outcome.

Don’t Give Up

Some folks hear Surrender and wince.  To them it means weakness, defeat or quitting.  The risk involved with proceeding in spite of danger or failure causes us to retreat.  Sometimes we fail when are near to success.
Conversely, when victory arrives it often follows overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.  Staying in the game means playing full out until the horn sounds.  Having a solid Intention must equal that any challengers will be faced with a wall of iron.  The internal fire will burn through whatever may come.  We only know how far we’re willing to go when we’ve gone too far.

Wondering Wanderers

There are those of us that have to absolutely know what will happen.  We must be definitively clear how people see us and are desperate for acceptance and approval.  With doubt, insecurity and uncertainty, we are left with only our thoughts for guidance and thoughts can be like snowflakes in a blizzard.
Spiritually, we may be unsure of what our lives mean and what purpose are we destined to fulfill.
The sad truth is that faith, belief and certainty are in the same mind that our fears, doubts and insecurities reside.
The good news is that we are not alone.

Thank You!

Who do we neglect to thank?  Notice that when people receive awards for their successes, they almost always start with:  “Thank you God.”  Could they all be wrong?  Have we truly and completely thanked our parents?  For everything they did and didn’t do right?  Have we authentically thanked them for giving us our life?
Do we thank our children for teaching us and reminding us about the joy of curiosity?
Do we thank our friends for understanding us in a way that family can’t?
Who can we thank today for just being the light when we’re in darkness?
Thank YOU!

In God We Trust

These words are taken lightly.  The unfortunately reality today is that most of us question the value of our currency and the integrity of the authority that backs it.  We blame politics and greed, yet where does all that begin?
Unless we bring some form of faith and spirituality into our homes, families and communities, solutions for such concerns will be left to those that are already “winning” with not much care for those that aren’t.

See Charlie Sheen’s thoughts on that subject. It’s not that his ideas are wrong, they only serve his interests.  Is that what God wants?

What Are You Referring To?

We often use Past as a reference point to determine our actions and decisions.  Surely, learning and wisdom comes from experience, yet we can only ever create in the Present.  Seeing through a filter of what has been limits possibility.
Focus on the Future can provide the necessary energy to advance and again, we must be compelled to act Now.  The Perspective we want to employ has to do with Being in an Inquiry and asking Questions rather than being limited by an Answer.
The goal is to get to an answer, then depart into the question and the answering

The Vision for My Life Is…

When we’re lead by a Vision, our lives will have purpose and meaning.  It doesn’t have to be universe-altering type of dreams.  That a family with its connection and bond be the greatest accomplishment is big enough.
The important thing to recognize is what gift we possess and discover how to best serve others with it.  It won’t hurt that expression of our gift is something we love or can get rich doing. We are here to cause a difference in the lives of others.  There is significance in our actions. Awareness of the impact we make will guide us.

Today IS The Day

We tend get stuck in a place called there and a time called then.  To get present, we must remember that the only experience we can ever truly have is in a place called Here and a time called Now.

It is true that there is no time like the present.
What business do we really have in the past or future anyway?  The past can be a great teacher and a nice place to reminisce, though what’s happening is only happening Now.  If you can predict the future, I’d like to invite you to meet me at the racetrack.

What Are You Committed to Creating Today?

Manifestation occurs when we have a solid Intention.  Once that Intention is set, we must take that first, critical step towards what we’ve Declared.  The initial Action comes from our Commitment.
Without Committed Action, what we desire to Create isn’t left as much to chance as it is left to a fate or destiny that often resembles Mediocrity or worse Victimhood.
When one is authentically committed, obstacles will shrink away as they are approached.
Recall times when you have created something magnificent and notice your authentic Commitment.
Now, check your failures and you’ll quickly see that Authentic Commitment was missing.

Are You Certain?

Conviction can be a great motivator.  Having solid Faith or Belief in something is often respected and admired. Issues arise when our Certainty becomes something that others must adhere to.
There is an element of responsibility that comes with sharing our viewpoints, even when we feel strongly about our ideas.  Unless we have permission to share our opinions, people hearing what we have to say may pass it through a filter that will eliminate the value of the content due to the delivery, not the message.  It is true that it’s not what you say, but how you say it.