Reinvention Is a Choice

Events in life can cause us to transform ourselves. Choices that others make may provide a new environment that we have not asked for.  Critically, we must look at our contribution to the outcome.
We can choose to be victimized by circumstances or determine that what lies in front of us is an opportunity, choosing to act responsibly about it.
The main element is our choice.
When we decide that the next step is ours to take and let go of any fears, doubts or insecurities, we are empowered and are now accessing our power, rather than giving it away.

I Love Your Love

This is a beautiful way to let those you care for know that you appreciate them.  It’s not so much about what they do or say, it’s about whom and how they are being. Take a moment to observe how they love and how they give their love.

Be in love with that!
Then, in a loving way, communicate your observation with these simple words:
 I Love Your Love.
You can then provide examples, though that’s not necessary.
Give this gift without expecting the same to be returned in kind.
When authentically shared, others will give back in due course.

What’s Bigger Than My Fears?

“When the Vision for our lives is so massive, impacting many lives, how we feel at any given moment is small and inconsequential in size, scope and relation to that Vision.”  This is a paraphrased quote from Dr. Ray Blanchard, Master Trainer.
This wisdom speaks to us letting go of the mundane and, at times, insidious thoughts that keep our creativity stuck.  This is what procrastination feeds upon.  Worse, our fears grow larger when they win, so it’s a good idea to practice defeating our doubts.  Success comes from taking risks, having the courage to see beyond what stops us.

Mind Control

Beliefs are powerful.
They can move entire nations.
It is as equally important to question our beliefs as it is to confirm and affirm them daily.
Conspiracy theorists would have us think that our beliefs are indoctrinated within us through media, education, social, political and spiritual venues that benefit governments, religions and corporations.
To an extent, whether we like it or not, the conspirators are winning.
Yet who is truly in control?
The remedy to brainwashing is heart-cleansing.  What does your inner-voice tell you?
If we’re busy convincing others what to believe, it may time to listen instead of telling.

Where’s My Karma?

Giving without the intention of receiving is much easier said than done.
We all want something and our actions seem predestined to be on purpose for “what’s in it for me?
The magic is that the receiving is in the giving.  It isn’t wrong or bad to know that there will be benefit derived from our giving.
Authentic giving comes from putting the receiver first. This can be difficult when we’re constantly reminded to take care of ourselves in order to be of greatest service to others.
The key is to Be good, then Do good, resulting in good things.

Make Up What You Want

What is and what isn’t, apart from facts, can often simply be what we make of it.  When we choose to be real and honest with ourselves, we can determine things to be supportive and beneficial in ways that transcend our previous beliefs. Likewise, when we decide that non-supportive, non-beneficial ideas about us are true, we will tend to cause ourselves and those around us great challenge and struggle.

Perspective is critical and checking our view with others that we trust can create an experience of authenticity beyond our wildest dreams.
Choosing to have integrity with ourselves requires extensive practice.

Out With the New and In With the Old

There are times when Spring Cleaning is done and it’s about letting go of or releasing things from the past to make room for what’s now arriving.
This can be great wisdom, yet there will also be times when we will want to hold onto old Habits and Beliefs that are supportive and beneficial.
Conversely, we will want to review our current guidance system to see if discarding recent acquisitions might not be in our best interests.  Some of what provides direction for today may only be present because we’ve been “hooked” and not because it’s necessarily good for us.

Possession Obsession

We get lost in wanting something we don’t have. The idea of possessing a person, place or thing is actually ludicrous.  The reality is that we cannot ever have what we want.  We must depart wanting and get engaged in having what we desire by simply letting go of want.

It is true that the joy lies in the journey.  We confuse our identity with what we do or don’t have and true, authentic Being has nothing to do with our scorecard.  It’s nice to be surrounded by nice things, yet we must find that the greatest value lies within.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Our pain is the pain.  We can sometimes only relate to others by comparing our past failures and successes.  It amazes us to discover how blatantly self-centered we can be at times.
The Story we have for our lives is generally based in Inferiority and has to do with one of three things:
a) I don’t matter;
b) I’m not worthy;
c) I’m not (good) enough.


It will do us well to identify which one runs our Mediocrity.  The alternative is Mastery and the way to Mastery is practice, awareness and service.  The practice is usually the most difficult part.

Who’s In Control Here?

The feeling of powerlessness can drive us to act in extremely interesting ways. Power and Control have two sides.  One is that respected, authentic command that we see in people we admire.  The other is an intimidating need for Power and Control that makes us want to be anywhere else.
When people show up like this to me, I inform them that I have something else to do.  If asked what that is, I simply reply:  “Anything.”  The goal is to be in command of our emotions and not have that incessant need for Power or Control, particularly over others.