Let Your Love Light Shine!

There will be times when things go dark.  Internally we are in a place that is filled with fear, doubt and insecurity.  What is important is to express ourselves to others, trusted listeners, who will support and guide us to our purpose.
If not having clarity on our mission is what causes our pain, it is critical that we focus on what is possible and create from there.  Scarcity can be infectious while abundance is often all around us if we only were to inquire. 
We all have something beneficial to offer to others. It is now time to shine!

Trust the Process

These words kept coming up during Leadership training.  Fortunately they are still there today. Faith, Belief and Certainty depend on allowing the unknown to become known without the Fear, Doubt and Insecurity that can be present with things unfamiliar.  Some of our greatest joys have come from being surprised.
Creating something from nothing causes a motivation to produce and generate at spectacular levels unseen before in our lives. 

Choosing to avoid, hide or disengage because it’s different will only lead to small results.  When we access the wonder and curiosity of a child, we have the opportunity to be present.

Celebrate ALL Victories!

A great mentor, Blair Singer, speaks to the value of celebrating all victories, no matter the size or apparent impact they have.  There is a lot to be said about how important this practice is when setting aim for goals that can be challenging.
If Energy is Everything were true, the significance of emphasizing positive energy often would lead to the Law of Attraction and thus, bring an abundance of positive energy to our experience.  Don’t believe it?  Then stay in denial and live small.
Powerful leaders tell us how to do it, we simply get to listen and implement.

A Committed Life

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a powerful sermon entitled:  “The Drum Major Instinct” that can serve as an excellent reminder on how we choose to live.
This message can be applied to our lives today and can create healing and love not only locally, but globally as well.
The main questions are:
How are we living our lives today?
Are we content with the way things are in our lives personally and in the world?
Are we or will we be making the difference that we know we can make today or not?
To read and listen, go to:


Some people confuse Enrollment with Selling because of the similarities.  The main difference is that being enrolled doesn’t have us feeling like we’ve been sold.  The most effective way to define Enrollment is:
 A Win/Win interaction that produces and Win/Win transaction.
Watch how children ask for (and get!) what they want. Enrollment starts with Intention, then we must have Permission and the most important aspect is creating Value or Vision with the other.  Next, we can Advocate from our own experiences or go straight to the Call to Action.  Last is Follow Up and Follow Through, which is also critical.

Starting From Now

A Master Trainer I know, Dr. Ray Blanchard, asks the question:  “What if right now was your beginning?”  This puts us in a position to create, from nothing, in a world of infinite possibilities rather than wasting productive time in the past or future, wanting to change things that have either already been or have yet to be.

No thing can be created yesterday. Likewise, tomorrow’s creations cannot yet occur. Even if preparation began today, we would have already left the starting gate; the process is continuous.

Should we desire anything in life, we must begin manifesting and generating now!

Act Naturally

This may be one of the most difficult things for us to accomplish.  Sometimes, we want something so bad we lose sight of our actions.  What gets in the way is a need to be liked or approval from others.
True, authentic acceptance starts with how we hold ourselves in our own eyes.  If we don’t see value, truth or honesty in the mirror, how can we expect others to?  Feedback has a funny way of being blunt.  It may be painful, yet that pain can dissipate with our awareness rising to respond to the messages we receive from others.

Going For It Gets Me There!

Thinking is the least effective way of taking Action.  It is healthy to work through our thoughts and ideally have them focused on positive outcomes.
Thoughts lead to feelings and it is critical to manage our feelings and emotions.  It may be preferred to give attention to our Being prior to getting engaged in activity.
This awareness can harness our energy and point it towards our hopes, wishes and desires in a powerful way.
Choosing to be unaware (and it is a choice!) of our thoughts, feelings or ways of Being simply leads to victimization.
Our Actions are thus predetermined!

It’s MY Time!

Tracy Chapman has a great song called:  “If Not Now” that effectively expresses this sentiment.  It’s not about being selfish in a negative way.  Just like when boarding a plane, they ask that you take care of yourself first.
Loving ourselves before others is imperative to creating the life of our dreams and truly attracting what we desire.  When people ask me for my number, I simply hold up my first finger and say:
That’s my number and you can have it too if you want it.
Of course, I’ll also provide my phone number; that’s because the attraction worked!

I’ll See It When I Believe It

Today I witnessed approximately 200 people walk on water.  I didn’t think it was possible when I first heard about it.  What I discovered is that what I perceived as impossible can happen and can also create transformation in the lives of many.
I was also honored to watch an armless man play a guitar, rather well too.  This gives me the opportunity to pause and reflect where I might not be living a life that can be spectacular and causes others to reach deeper down inside; that is my mission, by the way.
Doubt is what keeps us stuck.