I Got This!

Taking total ownership means:  “It happens because I say so…”  When we know we can do it what holds us back?  Sometimes we jump out and demand to lead, yet the space is intended for others to do so.  Leadership will often look like observing, staying silent and allowing others to succeed.
The absolute lowest level of commitment is:
  “I don’t care and I don’t care that I don’t care.”
Conversely, the highest level of commitment is:
  “I am willing to alter the universe to make it happen.”
When we choose to take action, checking our commitment level is crucial.

What Am I Pretending Not to Know?

This is a great inquiry question.  We avoid feedback like the plague because we don’t want to admit the truth of how we are being or showing up in the world.  What we are hiding has been confirmed time and time again by circumstances that continue to make us right about how wrong we are.
Revealing such shortcomings would seemingly make us appear weak and vulnerable.  It is critical to locate the people and place where we can safely let them see who we are.  The risk of expressing our true authentic self will only enhance our ability to grow.

Words are for the Birds

Often times Actions are more meaningful than words.  It’s funny that birds wordlessly sing, yet we don’t always know what they intend to say.  Science and observation has taught us that their calls have different meanings.  It’s the tone and mood that tells the story.
Greater than 70% of all human interaction is non-verbal.  There are wonderful words of poetry and wisdom that are excellent guides.  What’s important is that our Results align with what we say.  Few things irritate more than a person who doesn’t walk the talk.
If you want something else, then say and DO something else

Relationships are Natural

A very close friend of mine, Faith Deeter, has identified the value in teaching that Relationships are Natural.  Most of us find relating to be challenging because we are misunderstood or are not effectively managing interactions.  We would, if we could, prefer to simply read people’s minds, yet that isn’t possible.
We miss out on the joyous experience of Relationship by letting ego, interpretations and judgments cloud what can purely occur.  The training necessary to have Natural Relationships has already been provided the moment we were born.  Recovering basic awareness and allowing things to just BE is a great start.

Openings Receive

All of us want to be considered Givers by those we care about.  Even the oblivious Takers in our midst want that.  Some are so busy Giving that they lose sight of taking care of themselves.  Our receptors must be open to Receive or we will not only steal the opportunity for others to Give, but we’ll find ourselves without and wanting.
The most effective way to Receive is to create a massive vessel; I call this: Open Up Your Cup!  Lost in this process is the imperative that we Give to a degree greater than we wish to Receive.

Looking for Evidence

We can find evidence of our Greatness and Mediocrity all around us.  It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.  Looking at what we Have, what we’re Doing and most importantly who we’re Being is an excellent practice on the path to Mastery.
Raising our Awareness of what creates our Results and maintaining the Inquiry about our Actions can quickly bring life into focus and make choices much easier to make.  We can either take Responsibility for what happens or turn a blind eye, affirming the Victim.  If we are to dispense blame, we must start in the mirror.

Create Versus Change

As human beings, we spend an inordinate amount of time wanting to change our past.  We also want our present/future to be somehow more/less, better or different in relation to the past.  The proverbial “lipstick on a pig” applies here.  Putting a coat of paint on an old chair only provides an old painted chair.
What we must do is to surrender to simply being engaged in creating what we desire.  Everything before us (past) is complete.  Everything before us (present/future) is new.  Change is about controlling what is out of our control.  We can only ever create in reality.

Is Love Real?

Feelings, emotions, wants, desires, goals or anything of the sort cannot be surgically discovered within us.  What is love and is it tangible?  We know that when we’ve experienced love, it is one of the most powerful and memorable feelings of our lives.  The love a parent feels for their child, the bond, the connection cannot be broken.

The passion and commitment that occurs when we fall in love provides motivation in its greatest form.  The loss we incur when love isn’t mutual can be equally devastating.  If love is anything, it is apparently everything.  We get what we give

Get Up and Go!

The feeling of being tired can be confused with our emotions and labeled as fatigue or exhaustion.  The blame game starts and our dilemma becomes someone else’s fault, leaving us powerless.  We get to choose to be being honest about whether our experience is physical versus mental, emotional and/or spiritual.

Once clarity is in place, we get to choose to take care of ourselves or take action to offset our emotional or spiritual fatigue.  The latter will likely be chosen when we realize that feelings have passed, thus returning focus.  This is a great time to handle of unfinished business.

Stop Waiting, Start Creating

When we wait, nothing can possibly happen.  It may, at times, be prudent to let things work out without our involvement, yet that’s not what’s being addressed here.  Be honest and ask yourself how many things in your life are waiting to happen and simply requiring your action to occur?
This test can prove to be unpleasant because of the pain of being unfulfilled.  It can also be an excellent source of motivation to either get to it or release the weight of incompletion.  Regardless of the choice, freedom is what is waiting when we stop waiting and start creating.