What We Resist Persists

Resistance is futile.  Check your history.  Notice how when you have not wanted something to happen, it inevitably does?  When we put up a fight, we get more of a fight.  This thinking comes from our ego’s need for survival.
Things like Looking Good, Being Right, Avoiding Pain, Being In/Out of Control and Maintaining the Story are what get us in trouble most of the time.
A lot of this is clear except the part about the Story.  Virtually all of us have a deep, underlying conversation of either:
I’m not worthy;
I don’t matter;
or I’m not (good) enough.

Predicting the Future

First things first:  If you can truly predict the future, I’d like to ask you to meet me at the racetrack as soon possible.  The reality is that things are unpredictable, that’s what makes it exciting and scary at the same time.  Unfortunately, the fear takes over and we give up or quit.
Should you choose to stay the course, embracing the excitement will create a wonderful world of results.  There are ways to look into the future and virtually guarantee what will occur.  It is important to possess the knowledge that things can develop otherwise.  It all starts now!

Play Your Heart Out

Creating music and collaborating with others has been a blessing.  To initially take the stage as a solo act, progress into a duo, then a trio, now a full-blown 5-piece band has inspired my life and the lives of the other members of the group.
What’s more is that we are sharing our passion with those we care about, expanding the energy.  As we get opportunities to perform in public, the excitement builds as we play more.  When we rehearse, it is about identifying our contributions and taking it to the next level.  We appreciate the honor of providing entertainment.

Renegotiating with Integrity

We don’t care much for people that don’t care.  Bring to mind someone that you respect and admire because they consistently follow through.  These people have conflicts just like you and me, yet how they handle situations is what gives them credibility.  They don’t live in “either/or” – rather, they find ways that both can happen.
This is what makes a leader.
Most importantly, choices that affect others are done with grace and dignity, ensuring the value of people’s invested time and money.
It is true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Dreams into Reality

Unfulfilled dreams become nightmares.  Some of us are simply “dreamers,” oblivious to reality.  To make our hopes, wishes and desires come true we must bring not only clarity and focus, but drive, enthusiasm and action.  When living in a context of submission, fear, doubt and insecurity will prevail.
When existing in a context of surrender, faith, belief and certainty will create winning results time and time again.  Observance of our Being, or an Examined Life, is critical to the our reinvention.  For our default to do the work for us with ease, we must first practice Being our new selves.

Practice Makes Permanent

The surest way to transformation is to consistently go further than we ever thought possible.  Self-development courses and Coaching programs are designed to have us magnify our awareness and experience such that when we are out in the real world, we are better equipped to handle the challenges we are confronted with.

Some folks become seminar junkies and have their lives exist solely in this magnified environment.  This is dangerous because we lose touch with what is truly important, thus delaying progress.  Application of new thoughts and ideas is critical to having breakthrough in the form of measurable, tangible results.

Activating YOUR Midas Touch

I have found that there are three main ingredients to activating your Midas Touch.  First, we must be aware of whom and how we are being in our lives, paying close attention to the feedback the world gives.  Next, we get to achieve mastery in our lives.  This means balance and harmony in all, not some, of the domains that make up our life.
These areas are relationships, career/business, spirituality and health amongst others.
Also, of equal importance, is that we are guided, compelled to action by a mission, vision and purpose that has such force as to be unstoppable.

Starting New

There is not much we can do today that relates to the past.  Sure, we can refer to lessons learned or rejoice in successes, yet at this very moment, all we truly have available to us is now.  We spend inordinate amounts of time wanting change to occur in reference to the past, yet change cannot actually happen.
That might sound silly, yet think about it: 
If it already is, how can it be anything else?
What we want to engage in is creation.
This means manifesting something out of nothing even if it feels like we’ve already done it.

Moving On

When we’re gripping onto something, as if our lives depended on it, our hands aren’t free and open to receive anything.  Should someone else determine separation for us, particularly if what we’re leaving behind is important, allowing for things to settle is crucial.
We hold on to our comfortable existence because change and things unknown can appear to be frightening.  Growth happens when we venture forward in spite of fear.  Departing can be painful, yet may be necessary for us to see new possibilities.  Setting free what we depend upon can at times be the best choice for all parties.

Accepting Rejection

Sometimes we just don’t see eye to eye.  We take rejection personal when often it has little to do with us directly.
Learning to embrace negative responses to what we put out into the world will give us strength, humility and tolerance.
When rebuffed, it is wise to look at the communication in a way that the information can be useful.  Asking for additional input can express the desire to grow.
Should others make the parting difficult, the opportunity to show who we really are is right there waiting for us.
Acceptance completes what was and reveals what can be.