Where It Happens…

If it is to be, it is up to me.  I’ve heard these called the ten most powerful two-letter words.  If I want it to happen over there, it must happen over here first.  Over there could be that external place of love, success, health or spirituality.
The thing that we must understand is that nothing can occur outside ourselves until it occurs internally.  The Inside game is the one we must master and win in order for us to master and win the Outside game.  The future is not where we’re going to it is where we’re coming from.

Fact Versus Interpretation

Facts or Truths, as we know them to be, become less and less when we take responsibility for our interpretations about what we experience.  It can also save us massive amounts of pain and grief when we check our version of the facts against what we interpret them to be and particularly when we allow the interpretations of others to simply be their interpretation and not necessarily the Truth.
The need to be right, without regards to being correct, is one of the most damaging practices in relationships.  If we need to be right, someone else must then be wrong.

Risking It All

When we choose to go forward, there are times that we must depart from all fears, all considerations, all doubts and all insecurities.  This is known as acting with certainty.  When certain behavior is present, the only focus is on having our intention become a reality.
Look back on your life’s best results to find the times you chose to access this mindset and how you felt unstoppable.
If you think that mindset is hard to come by, look again.  Most importantly, look at what you truly want right now, go to that certainty mindset, and make it happen now!

The Value of Faith

I used to be what I call a “spiritualist.”  How I define this term is someone who believes in a higher power yet has no defined venue for their belief.  There are a lot of folks out there like that.  I’m not here to suggest that you go out and get an ochre robe, a handful of daisy’s and head to the airport to spread the love.

Without a doubt and by a far distance, the most successful people I have encountered all, not just some, all, have a high degree of faith in their respective lives.
          It’s about certainty.

Allow Me Too…

Our receptors are not broken or not working, we simply have gotten out of the habit of flexing those muscles.  The next time you have the opportunity to observe children, particularly as they relate to their parents, notice how masterful they are at the art of asking.

Also look for the passion and excitement in their celebration as the get what they want.  When did we forget how to do this?  I assert that these are the most fundamental of skills, learning how to effectively ask, then receive what we’ve asked for, often greater than what we could have imagined.

Time to Act

Do you know how long it takes when you wait?  The answer is: As long as you are willing to wait.  We sometimes postpone taking action and give credit to circumstances.  We blame our own choices and call it procrastination.  Other times we will be totally honest with ourselves and call it fear or doubt.

So what now?

As long as we are imprisoned by decisions that can be easily undone by new choices, we will continue to struggle and find life challenging.  Opportunities simply present themselves, not heeding the mental, emotional or spiritual state of the individual that acts.

Read the Signs

Messages abound in our universe.  These notes to take are telling us many things:  what to do, when to do it, who to do it with, how to get it done.  If only we would pay attention.  Some of us have much work to do in the area of recognizing the information and acting on it.

I recently heard a quote that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.  Being prepared is about being in tune with the feedback constantly coming in and most importantly, learning how to assess, use and seize the moment.
Successful people have mastered this art.

All In or All Out

When we decide to take action, it is crucial that we are prepared to be a full participant.  How often we give ourselves over to something in a half-hearted way and end up with a result that we don’t much care for.  We spend our time, energy and effort on something only to have an outcome that leaves us unresolved or discontented.

One important aspect to consider is being ready for all forms of prices to pay and risks to take in order to allow for the fullness of each experience to be realized.
We get what we ask for.

Hold Nothing Back

There comes a time when we must commit.  In that moment all our prior learning, education and experiences come into play and provide the courage, wisdom and strength necessary to follow through.
There are also those times when we let our fears, doubts and insecurities control our actions.  This is called submission, the alternative is called surrender.  The choice to submit gives our mediocrity victory and keeps us small and unfulfilled, playing it safe.  The choice to surrender and allow possibilities into our lives is what manifests our dreams.
The simple question to ask is:  What are you choosing now?

Take a Chance on Me

This is a question we often wordlessly ask.  We so desperately want to be wanted and valued.  When we have expectations without fully expressing our needs and desires, we set ourselves and others up for disappointment.
Should we decide with certainty that we are enough in any given situation the request comes as an invitation rather than a demand.  People that show who they are while being unattached to acceptance and approval, blended with an appropriate amount of humility, are most attractive to be sure.
Self awareness and acceptance goes a long way in developing respect and acknowledgement from others.