Results Matching Words

SuccessDo your Results match the Words that come out of your mouth?

Are you one of those people that Talks a lot, yet gets Nothing done?

If that’s the case, be Aware that people around you likely don’t take you that seriously; nor can they count on you.

If you are Unaware of whether your Words match your Results, it might be a good time to take a long, hard look at what you’re Saying.

SuccessIt’s simple, the more your Actions align with your Commitments and what you Talk about, the more likely your Results will Match what you Intend.

Taking A Stand

JobsAsk yourself where in your Life are you Taking a Stand?

If you’re not Taking a Stand for anything, that’s definitely something to Notice.

Likely you are, though you might not be recognizing it as such.

Taking a Stand could look like how you conduct yourself in a Relationship or with your children.MLK

The Stand you take for yourself in the Work you do is critical to be Aware of as well.

The alternative is called: Selling Out.

It’s just as important to see where you are Selling Out in your Life.

Is it your Health/Fitness, your Spirituality, your Finances?

What You Say Matters

ControllingHow much Attention do you pay to what comes out of your mouth?

How often do you agree with other’s Opinions of you?

Do you regularly beat yourself up with Words?

Transformation occurs in Language and the Dialogue we use, Internally and Externally, is critical to be Conscious of.

DefianceWhen you start to raise your Awareness of how impactful Negative Self-talk is, you’ll likely Notice it in those nearby.

While that’s good to know, it is even greater to know when You are the one doing it.

Your Dreams, Hopes and Desires are reliant upon an Affirmative conversation that aligns.

Express Yourself

FightPeople tend to withhold their Experience of others because they Feel like it might Offend.

While there’s an effective way to give Feedback, not giving it can be more damaging.

Wouldn’t you want others, in a Loving, Compassionate way, to tell you the Truth?

MakeUpIt’s important in Relationships to create an environment of Taking a Stand for the other’s highest Possibility.

It’s not about Changing them, rather it’s about Supporting and Allowing them to reach the peak of their Potential.

Love grows when there’s more to Love.

Do you want to be surrounded by people that aren’t Honest with you?

In Charge Of My Feelings

ControlNext time you catch yourself saying to someone else:

You make me feel…,” notice that you are Empowering them to have total Control of your Feelings and Emotions.

Is that how you really want it?

No one else can ever truly Control your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions.

ControlledThis brings to mind the story of Viktor Frankl when he was a Prisoner in a concentration camp during World War II.

With death and violence lingering at every moment of every day, Dr. Frankl went deep into his own Psyche to determine that something they couldn’t Control were his Thoughts and Feelings.

It Happens Because I Say So

Follow The LeaderThe Power to Manifest is something that we all possess, yet we relinquish our God-given Ability.

Our Conditioning allows that Mediocrity to run our Lives and we perpetually pay the Price.

When you look at what you haven’t Accomplished in your Life, the painful Reality is that often, no one else is Responsible for the Outcome, but you.Games

What if you looked at Life from the Perspective that you could Be, Do and Have anything you Want?

Isn’t that what we were told when we were growing up?

Until you Accept your Power as a real Possibility, it won’t Happen.

Maintaining Perseverance

ChoirI was recently Blessed with the Gift I am now offering to you.

It was Given to me that a main ingredient of Commitment is Perseverance.

Without Perseverance, you can virtually count on Commitments failing.

The way to Maintaining Perseverance is made up of four simple areas to be Mindful of.Disagreement

1) Harnessing Focus;

2) Delaying Gratification;

3) Tolerating Frustration; and

4) Controlling Impulse.


You can Review your Commitments kept and not to quickly determine that these Elements contributed to your Success or Lack thereof.

Whenever you have something you want to Accomplish, apply these Tools in order to Win!

Destination: Further

ImpossibleGoing Beyond your Limitations provides the Opportunity to Expand your Horizons.

Think about each and every time you’ve Transcended your Mediocrity and how great you felt about yourself afterwards.

Possibility grows in your Being once you’ve ventured beyond self-imposed boundaries.

If you aren’t where you want to Be, doing what you truly want to be Doing, it may be time for you to take a Risk.Fitness

Yes, it will be Unfamiliar and Uncomfortable, yet it is in the Breakthrough that we Discover how far we can really go.

The alternative is staying Small and Inconsequential, is that Acceptable to you?

A Bird’s Eye View

Clarity EyeThe ability to Zoom-In or Zoom-Out as necessary can make or break your Intention.

It is important for you to Discover how you behave and what your Strengths are.

Do you view things at the Micro-level?

Are you the Visionary that sees things from the Macro-view?Change

The Bug’s Eye View is where you can see all the Details.

When you take a step back and can see the big picture, that’s the Bird’s Eye View.

Again, what are you Best at?

The goal is to accurately Assess when to Zoom-In and when to Zoom-Out, harnessing the Tool for best Results.

But I’m Trying

YodaThe word: Try, is one of the most inefficient and debilitating Terms we can use. Trying doesn’t get anything Accomplished; only Doing will.

Master Yoda said it succinctly:

There is no Try, there is only Do or Do Not.

Additionally, words like: But, can also be damaging.Disagreement

Phrases such as these fall into the category of Leaky Language. It’s the boat that represents your Life that is Leaking and it’s sinking when Negative terminology Guides you.

Try to Do anything without actually Doing it. See how much wasted Effort goes into Trying.

Results can never be realized when only Trying.