War of Words

It is amazing the value we give to spoken word.  Truly, the meaning of words takes on life based upon tone, delivery and authenticity.  We must also be especially conscious of the words that we use in our language and thoughts, particularly as it relates to us specifically.
Most important is the measurement we place on ourselves and others in relation to how words and actions align or not.  When outcomes betray what has been spoken, our reaction or response is an indicator of the value we place on what is said.
This is where authentic trust begins or ends.

Expressing Your Greatness

The old adage about being loved requires that you love yourself first is so true.  For a lot of us that’s the trick.  When it comes to loving yourself, I would suggest starting with forgiving yourself for your shortcomings, which, by the way, won’t be leaving any time soon.
Another important thing to remember is to not take ourselves so seriously.  Have fun with who you are and love the person you’ve become, faults and all.  Critically, we must decide with certainty that approval begins in the mirror.  Mom, Dad, intimate partners, etc. cannot provide what we so desperately need.

How to Trust

If you cannot trust, it is likely that you cannot be trusted.  The way to have virtually anything you want is to simply give it.  I am not advocating blind trust, rather prudent, responsible trust that provides an environment of growth.

Our past can teach us how we have consistently betrayed ourselves when breaches of trust occurred.  The unfortunately reality is that we hold onto, grip desperately at our experiences and refuse to take the lesson from them.  This only exacerbates the problem and makes loving others that much more difficult.
Want to be free?  Free yourself from your past.

Taking a Stand

When push comes to shove, it’s time to make our position known.  How many times have we retreated at this challenge?  Good actors can play it off or even create a showing that makes a difference.  When predator-types are involved, it is imperative to be aware of their intentions and even more important to solidify our intentions.

We will constantly be offered a choice at each and every moment of our lives.  The individuals we respect and admire take a stand for something greater than shallow wants and desires.  Higher context will always prevail.  People honor integrity that is authentic.

How to Receive

A lot of us have difficulty receiving.  Somehow we have come to believe that our receptors don’t function like those who apparently have no problem getting what they want.  The blocks are much deeper and we usually know precisely what they are.
What must happen is that we get through the limiting beliefs with the mindset of a warrior.  This means that our lives depend on the actions and disciplines we’re engaged in.  The unfortunate reality is that we get comfortable and even lazy about what we allow into our lives, beneficial or otherwise.
It is time to step up.

Honesty IS the Best Policy

There will always be something about ourselves that we will want to keep secret.  When we tell the truth, we have the opportunity to see ourselves and be seen in way that is empowering, even if revealing will be painful.  Honesty is not about showing your cards, it’s about playing fair; it’s about being a good sport.
When we show our worst to another, our best comes to the surface.  Having a good guide and a trustworthy individual to tell our truths to will be crucial.  Not hanging our dirty laundry out for everyone to see is a good idea.

Riddled With Fear

The thoughts constantly arise…
“I can’t…,”
“I don’t know how…,”
“What will they think if me…,” all designed to stop us dead in our tracks, inflicting paralysis.  How often do we let ourselves be stopped by such limiting conversations?  Imagine the great inventors, scientists and creators that didn’t let themselves to be daunted by such thoughts.
Now imagine your dreams being freed to come true by simply going through the fear.  Yes, failure is an option, yet most great accomplishments have been preceded by greater challenge.  I would not advocate irresponsibility nor lack of prudence. 
Taking chances and risks manifest greatness.

When Choice Has Lost Its Voice

Loss of control or feeling powerless is one of the most painful experiences we can go through.  This is also one of the more common areas requiring healing and breakthrough for many.  We don’t set our boundaries.  We give up too much ground to others that consistently flex their ego muscle.  Sometimes we are truly victimized, yet choose to stay powerless instead of regaining our control.
No one can control your thoughts or feelings, read Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  The decision to give your freedom back to yourself can be one of the most empowering experiences in life.

Blame Game

It’s always someone else’s fault.  Taking responsibility for our surroundings can be tough going when we’re victimized by another’s actions.  Without invalidating the facts about what the other has done, what we are given is the opportunity to respond or react.

Reaction usually leads to extending victimhood to the point where we lose even more.  Some folks, likely the instigators, actually receive some benefit in seeing our misery or worse, don’t even care.  Forgiveness is a choice and has absolutely nothing to do with the other person.  This may be hard to accept, yet it is critical do to so.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Many of us have no problem digging in our heels, rolling up the sleeves and getting down to it.  Problems arise when we lose the desire or motivation to do what we’ve committed to.  I have found that the Primary Purpose is “Get it Done,” while the Secondary Purpose is “Have Tons of Fun!”
Too often we allow people, places and things; circumstances, challenges and obstacles, deter us from enjoying our labor.  Bringing a fresh sense of honor to completion with an authentic smile can make all the difference for us and others.  Is there really any use in complaining?