Building Blocks

There will consistently be something there that seems to stop us time and time again.  It is in the managing of what blocks us where we have a chance to grow.  It could be a lost love or some other form of major negative that we cling to.
For most of us, it’s a story of mediocrity that unfailingly shows up when we need it least; yet, there it is again.  We keep looking for and finding evidence to be right about how wrong we are.  It seems senseless when we recognize it, so what makes us keep doing it?

Passionate Purposefulness

Does your life have a purpose? Are you passionate about it? One of the most important elements to moving the dream of making a difference in the world forward is getting specific and detailed images in mind. Next, it is critical to commnicate your purpose and passion in a way that resonates with others. If you think success for your hopes is a hopeless case, you are the one in the way of them coming true. We must be honest with ourselves and others, otherwise we will face struggle, that is NOT what we want. Time to start getting real!

Making the Grade

Is it really that difficult to measure up?  We spend entire lifetimes looking for approval and acceptance from others.  Notice how even we get the positive feedback, it still isn’t enough?  That’s because the source of our belonging can only be truly found deep inside of us.
Have you chosen to do this inquiry?  If not, life will continue to be a struggle and you can count on challenges winning the day rather experiencing personal victory.  Would life be better if we didn’t need anyone else to tell us how great we are?  I don’t think so; I know so.

For Sale by Owner

Notice how we sell out on ourselves when we give ownership of our greatness over to mediocrity.  We all have so many gifts available, yet authentic power for them gets lost in a fog of scarcity, doubt and fear. 

What we must do diligently on a consistent basis is identify these non-supportive habits and beliefs and work ardently at mastering them.  Harnessing our magnificence comes directly from rising up to meet every challenge with certainty and faith in ourselves, without which we are likely lost.  If we want success, we must first defeat the greatest enemy that lies within us.

Framing Our Lives

If you could put your life into a frame that would be proud to look at, what would you see?  Notice how we unconsciously box ourselves into frames that we aren’t so excited about.  We then ask what happened as if we didn’t have control over it.  We do. It’s in taking responsibility for that control that we grow and expand our possibilities.
If you don’t like thoughts that have you feeling down, let’s get to work on guiding what you’re thinking about towards your desires.  Match your thoughts and ideas with what you want to get what you want.

On the Move

Standing still can be beneficial when taking the time to review your day or simply meditating.  Being stuck can be a very unpleasant way to exist.  It is when our progress stagnates that decay starts to set in.  Old negative habits become current negative habits and dreams start to fade or worse, become nightmares.
Our bodies, down to the cellular level, require constant motion to be alive and engaged in their purpose.  Our mind gets to be filled with the wonder of possibility and discovering how to create it, rather than focusing on non-supportive beliefs.  Are you in action today?

Spread the Love

If you want love, then give it.  More importantly, it is crucial to continue to give in spite of situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in.  Such a powerful word, love can perform in so many ways.  Notice when you love and why you do so.
Be aware when you chose not to love and what that’s about.  If you want love from someone that is withholding from you, how can you cause it anyway?  Love does make the world go around and it is the key to healing many of the sorrows that currently exist, personally and globally.

Letting Go and Holding On

The riddle of life seems to be to figure out what to hold onto and what to let go of.  I’ve discovered that identifying our greatness and giving it a name is a good place to start in knowing what to hold on to.  Taking inventory of our successes and being open to feedback from accountability partners can also be extremely supportive in this process.

The hardest part for us is letting go of that story of mediocrity and putting the internal saboteur on notice that it cannot run our lives.  This is where honesty, openness and willingness are critical.

Don’t Give Up

Quitting is sometimes the easiest way out.  Notice that when incomplete, giving up on something doesn’t make it totally go away.  Sometimes walking away is the best course of action to take.  Authentic power, control and leadership come from the inquiry of identifying what we have learned and what we can implement in our lives going forward.
Abandoning something without resolution is what creates loads of baggage and weighs us down.  Freedom is created when we liberate ourselves from what isn’t working for us, taking responsibility for our part.  A repeating history that doesn’t favor us isn’t learning or growing.

Nobody Wins Unless Everybody Wins

This idea can be viewed as idealistic.  The truth is that we can’t continue our selfish ways.  The impact to those that lose has become too costly.  When asked about perfectionism, I respond that everything is perfect until we decide its imperfect.  Further, every imperfection that exists is man-made.  Putting off caring for others until later cannot be tolerated anymore; later has now come.
It starts with every one of us to create an environment of abundance.  Any unnecessary suffering that would occur on this planet is our responsibility.  Greed must end to allow for the giving required to heal.