Taking Chances

How often we hesitate when chance is involved; it’s easier to go with the sure-thing.  The most successful people in the world can provide a long list of chances taken that have proven to make all the difference.

The thing about taking chances is that we don’t know the outcome; fear of the unknown is what stops us cold.  Interesting to note is that we all have instances of risking that we can reflect on; that point to not only our ability to play that way, but to the amazing results created.  If you’re not comfortable taking chances, start small.

Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

It’s obvious that we all have preferences.  The two major relationships that I’ve had were with first with a blonde, then a redhead.  While they both had pretty hair, it was the authenticity of their smiles and the brightness in their eyes that caught my full attention. I think most men prefer a woman that can make a solid connection with their being, rather than what they look like.  Again, we cannot deny what attracts us initially, though it has been consistently apparent to me that men would choose a secure woman over a super-model; the real “trophy” is commitment.

How to Attract Real Love

It all starts in the mirror.  What most of us do is check in the mirror and judge, interpret or worse, we castigate ourselves.  The thing is to look and simply own, allow and truly love what we see.  Unless we give ourselves a chance to be loved, we have virtually none.
It is true that you cannot be loved until you love yourself.  It is the authenticity of loving who we are that makes others desire us.  Practice smiling, blowing kisses and celebrating that person you see in the mirror.  Tell yourself:  “I love you,” and truly mean it.

Love: Are You Buying or Shopping?

I’ve heard it said that Men buy and Women shop.  This alludes to Men being the consummate problem-solvers; or so we think.  It sometimes seems the exact opposite in matters of the heart.  These are generalizations, of course, yet are interesting to note.

Most purchases are usually made on emotion and awareness of our emotional condition is critical.  Men’s emotions might be around:

“I know what I want,” thus limited shopping.  A Woman’s emotions could be about:  
“…this is what makes me unique…,” thus the search for variety ensues.  Shopping and buying can be fun; prudence is a great ally.

Do You Know How Long it Takes When You Wait?

As long as you are willing to wait is the answer.  Tonight, when everything goes as planned, a dream I’ve had for years will come true.  It’s not a dream of rock-stardom; rather, it’s a realization of the music I’ve written coming to life.
I’ve always wanted it out there, yet I had fears, doubts and insecurities.  Know what?  I just stopped waiting for those things to go away; I simply got into action and now here it is!  I’ve attracted other phenomenal musicians because I maintained a certain level of faith and belief in my music that they saw.

Tips for Success

It’s not reinventing the wheel; it’s not making the great discovery, although if that were to happen, great, just don’t count on it.  It’s about two things:  Giving and Action.  Give people what they want; not what you want people to have or what you think they want.

Next, comes action; this is what usually stops us dead in our tracks.  It could be:  “I don’t know how or what to do…” or “…that looks too big for me to take on…”  Sound familiar?  Having your fingers on the pulse of demand will bring success faster than virtually anything else.

It’s a New Day

Every moment and opportunity that presents itself is a challenge to our greatness.  We can default to our mediocrity and have problems and issues arise that keep us in dilemma…or, we take that bold, courageous step towards the sometimes uncomfortable and grow accordingly.  This creates freedom.