The Secret to Receiving

Most of us think we are great givers.  Some of us use giving as a tool and that is actually known as taking, due to its being inauthentic.  How would you know?  If you are a taker, you probably already know it somewhat and rest assured, so does everyone else around you.  If you are not sure, ask yourself what your thoughts are when you give.  Do you expect something in return?  It isn’t about giving goods or services in exchange for pay; it’s about the giving that we often take for granted.  Who are the givers in your midst?

Survival of the Fittest

Darwin’s quote as says:  “…only the fittest will survive…,” likely true for gazelles when hunted by lions.  Let’s look at humanity’s survival.  It has been said that our strongest muscle is the brain.  There are many theories and scientific data that point to the power of the mind.  More recently, strength of one’s spiritual conditioning has been credited for successes in relationships, health, business and community.  Surely, physical attributes are necessary at times and, particularly in sport, can make all the difference.  What is the right formula?  I assert it is balance and harmony in all the domains of life

Tips for Survival

We all know that survival means the essentials:  food, shelter, clothing, etc.  What we discover as we inquire into who we truly are, is that each of us has this other side that requires most of our attention.  Focus is given to areas like:  Looking Good; Being Right; Avoiding Pain; Being In/Out of Control; Maintaining our Story.  Most of these mechanisms are pretty straight-forward and further explanation can be had when working with a Coach.  The goal is to recognize when we, ourselves, are playing this game; rather than being good at spotting it in others.  What’s the alternative?  Mastery!

Deeds Indeed

The importance of being and awareness of that being is paramount to any action being taken.  It is also valuable to notice what actions we’re taking and how they fit into our intentions.  I’ve heard it said that it is sometimes easier to act your way into better thinking, rather than to think your way into better acting.  I assert there is tremendous value in conscious doing as a means to shifting our being.  In the world of Be Do Have (that would be the world we all live in), actions have an equal part; let’s simply remember the order.

Seeds and Weeds

“Within every seed lies the promise of thousands of forests.”  This is a supremely profound quote from Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Life, like a garden, must be tended to and weeds in our midst must be taken care of.  Some perceptions, interpretations and beliefs can show up as weeds; they are really seeds that must be nurtured; opportunity seeds.  Like bamboo, some growth takes more time than we were prepared for; it is in the root system that bamboo finds its strength and character.  Once blossomed, bamboo can have extraordinary growth.  What seed are you planting today?

Needs and Wants

Basic needs are often filled even in the most desperate of times, yet we constantly seek something greater than what we already have.  It’s acceptable to desire more, though the way to receive is to depart the place of wanting; what that means is that wanting and needing can make us feel stuck, thus no progress; worse, massive struggle.  How does one not appear needy and still live with unfulfilled needs?  How can we want something without looking selfish?  It is when we become too focused on our needs and wants that we lose sight of taking care of commitments.

You Never Know What You’re Going to Get

Today, while jamming with my good friend at the beach, we were approached by a young lady who was listening to us rehearse.  We asked her to sing one of our songs and very quickly she had picked up on quite a few of our tunes; all originals.  Funny, that prior to her arrival, we were working on changing keys to some songs to liven them up and I was thinking:  “Maybe we should wait until after our next gig to change things.”  Along comes this young woman and she may possibly be our new lead singer; you never know.

What Time Is It?

My answer is:  Now!  This isn’t about dealing with procrastination; it’s about getting into action.  There are many times in our lives that we can reflect on, when we simply just went ahead and did whatever it was, and were astonished by the ease and results achieved by going for it instead of waiting.  I’ve asked people to look at their watch and see in place of the actual time, these letters:  N…O…W…  Success is about arriving at a desired destination.  It takes strategic planning to get there effectively, yet taking that powerful, courageous and purposeful first step is required.

Be Careful What You Ask For

How many times have you heard this one?  If we live from an abundance perspective, it is more likely to occur because our thoughts are the initial element of manifestation.  Recently, I asked for freedom and it was exactly what I received; the sensation was ever-present.  Additional freedoms came my way that I hadn’t necessarily requested; or so I thought.  Yes, we can later change our minds, yet it seems imperative that we be responsible in the asking.  It’s easy to be the armchair quarterback or realize appropriate actions while debriefing; power and success is found in the planning stages.

If it’s to Be, it’s Up to Me

Such profound words as they are given to the Teens that I facilitate Leadership trainings for.  Yes, we may require other’s help, yet it is incumbent upon us to create partnership.  It often is our own commitment that is necessary to start the engine of creativity and manifestation.  Think about what you desire and imagine having it become reality.  Consider the finest of details that you can; describe it; write about it.  Hold onto the vision as if your life depended upon its realization; communicate it to others; transcend the all the obstacles internal or external to make it happen.