Be Do Have

Many of us have heard about “The Secret.”  Some may scoff, saying it was written in ancient texts.  Mountains of words, hurricanes of philosophy and earth-shattering realizations have occurred since awareness began.  It all boils down to these three simple words.  All the profundity, pontification and preaching about our existence; the art, music and poetry about the beauty and horror of our race; moments captured in film, pictures and recordings; the teachings, the practices and mastery…say these magnificent words:  Be Do Have.  As sapient beings, we have the choice to live this simple way.  What choice are you making today?

How to Create Results

We sometimes look at failures and challenges as negative indicators of ourselves, rather than opportunities to learn.  This is treacherous territory.  Our being is a choice.  It’s who we’ve been in the result, not who we are now; a new choice.  When debriefing outcomes, recognizing actions taken is important, yet more crucial is raising our awareness of our being when taking such action.  Clarity around our being is paramount over what we actually do.  We can learn a tremendous amount from examining our being; greater, I assert, than the value derived in looking at what we do or have done.

Tips for Mental Health

Our mental health is dependent on many things.  Our daily activities are excellent measures and indicators for our mental condition.  One of the greatest practices we can undertake is to raise our awareness of our thoughts; for they dictate our actions.  If our actions are to our liking, it would be wise to inquire to premeditations.  Likewise, should our actions create negative results, our thinking prior to such actions would be crucial in determining how to avoid such consequences.  Regular disciplines for diet, rest and exercise are important, yet the discipline of thought inquiry and thought responsibility is critical.

All it Takes is a Moment to Believe

Having led a life that I believed righteous, I soon discovered that my ideas weren’t always in my best interest; it took for me to put my faith into something else.  Since I intellectualized religion and found myself above it, I couldn’t accept other’s forms of higher power.  I believed, though I didn’t want to be force-fed anyone else’s ideas about it.  Once I was guided to simply trust, like I do with electricity, it was easy.  What really got it for me was how everyone that wins the prize (Oscar, Grammy, Super Bowl, etc.) always starts by thanking God.

The Wait is Over

It’s when we decide, with conviction, to take action that we authentically engage in realizing our dreams.  What is it that has us waiting?  When asked about procrastination, I suggest putting off procrastinating and getting into action.  It’s really silly when we realize what stops us.  More often than not, lack of activity comes from submitting to addictions, rather than surrendering to commitments.  The context of submission will likely produce struggle and failure.  Surrender to your commitments and you will know that the worst that can happen is that you gave your best; not did your best, gave your best.

Going With the Flow is Easier

What we resist persists.  Recently, I had a dream where I was being guided to simply go with the flow and come into recognition of how easy it is.  There was a spiritual element to the experience.  I was being reminded of the great effort taken to resist and the gentle, allowing and receiving effort involved with the flow.  As I leaned against the flow, I found it easier to go with it.  As I leaned towards the flow, light revealed itself and allowed me to see clearly.  This has been true in my waking life time and time again.

How to Stay Connected

My clients are given a physical and spiritual practice to bring their hands together, as if praying, and notice the space that develops when the hands separate.  I call this the Gap of Mediocrity.  What we are seemingly looking for is deeper connection within that also has us connected to our higher power or source.  When separation occurs, we know it and unless we close the Gap of Mediocrity, will stay in it until we resolve to reconnect.  Maintenance of our spiritual condition is paramount to achieving what we desire.  This also reveals how we are in relationship as well.

This Is It

When is now the time for us to take action on our goals, dreams and desires?  If not now, when?  Today is the day.  To make whatever we can, with whatever we have, the most optimal outcome we could imagine.  What will it take to get into motion?  How about acting as if there was no tomorrow?  What if this was our only chance; our only shot?  How would we see ourselves if we made it happen?  It is not easy to live this way, yet if we attempted it, we might find that living this way produces massive results.

You Get What You Give

I remember writing a song in my teens that had a theme of:  “Where’s my Karma?”  At the time, my math seemed to add up that I was due.  Of course, additional years of experience and discovery have determined for me that the way it works is about giving with no expectation of return.  Though it sounds nice, I have found that it is actually much more difficult to put into practice on a consistent basis.  As I have learned, the simplest way, for me, is to simply give.  What we desire will come as we allow ourselves to receive.

Tips for Letting Go

What are you holding onto so tightly that releasing it might have you falling weightlessly into an abyss?  Be honest; look into what’s gripping you that may be the exact source of what’s holding you back.  Some people might say: “Oh, I’ve let go of it all and am making it happen!”  That’s great, though some folks use the idea of “letting go” as a way to avoid; look for numerous failures and low standards as evidence.  It is hard to tell what to let go of and what to hold on to; it may be worthwhile to inquire within.