Little Voices

Blair SingerBlair Singer, one of the world’s most effective Trainers, teaches about Little Voice Mastery.

If you weren’t aware of your Little Voice, it’s the one that just asked:

“What Little Voice?”

One of the most Powerful tools I was ever given was to simply Listen, and only Listen, to my Little Voice for 30 days straight.Communication

How Powerful that exercise was!

I was clearly able to see that my Little Voice, like for many, is the Voice of Mediocrity, wanting to keep me small and insignificant.

The Little Voice’s main Intention is for you to be sick, poor and lonely.

Based On Results

ControllingThe Scoreboard is how we gauge Results.

When Observing a sporting event, we Pay Attention to the tallying of the moment-to-moment activities and the Time left in the Game.

It’s not unlike that in Life.

If you are not Watching What You’re Doing, what Happens in your Life is left to External circumstances, mostly out of your Control.

MasteryConversely, you can Design how your Life turns out by Surrendering to your own Scoreboard, and having your Results match your Commitment, Intention and Purpose.

Based on Results is common terminology in Leadership that Empowers individuals to stay the Course in Life.

Incomplete Relationships

EnlightenmentGrief is on the most Avoided topics we must deal with.

It’s hard to help someone through it and it can be amongst the greatest Challenges we will ever face.

Grieving isn’t always about Death, it can also be about the end of Relationships, jobs and even retirement.Thinking

One of the main reasons that Grieving continues is that the Relationship remains Incomplete, usually due to Undelivered Communication.

The most effective way to Overcome long-term Grief is to Complete the Relationship and deliver, possibly Indirectly, the necessary Communication.

This doesn’t invalidate that some Grief will remain with us for a Lifetime.

Little White Lies


Is it really possible that a good argument can be made for not being completely Honest?

Like to a child that might not understand an unpleasant Event, such as death or divorce? Maybe.

MakeUpThe reality is that when we convince ourselves that Dishonesty is acceptable in any form, the Permission we give to ourselves only creates further Opportunities.

No one likes a Liar. And, whenever you’re out of Integrity, you immediately start an illness of the Mental, Emotional and even Physical variety, that’s only remedy is in telling the Truth.

DisagreeNot many people like being Sick.

Are you telling Lies?

What Are You Reading?

Wealthy ManIt is a great Skill to be able to Read people and situations.

Because most Communication (+90%!) is non-verbal, we Learn how to Read things in Life right from birth.

Many people don’t want to give any credit to Intuition because it sounds weird, psychic or paranormal.

Yet, we’ve all Experienced that sensation of an inner-Knowing that later comes to pass.

bleepThat’s your Intuition and every person that has created great accomplishments has Discovered how to tune-in to their own Intuition.

Thus, it might be a good idea to figure out how to Harness your Intuition.

How’s your Reading going?

Letting Go And Holding On

Commitment to Self

The trick is to Discover which Experiences in Life that you Know you’d be better Served to Let Go of.

Likewise, you possess Beneficial aspects that you must be Aware of and Hold On to.

HumilityThis requires the deep Self-Inquiry that all Masters have undertaken and continue to Seek for the rest of their Lives.

Basically, you want to Release, that is Let Go of, anything that’s not Serving you in the Present.

Most of these things are negative Memories and Beliefs you have acquired throughout Life.

Continue to search for Evidence of your Greatness to Identify what Serves you.

What Do You Know?

DisagreeNobody likes to be Wrong.

Because of how we’ve Learned to Communicate, there is a huge difference between Being Wrong and simply being Incorrect.

Some people Need to Be Right and thus will risk the Relationship.

The Pain of Looking Bad can also cause us to Defend and Justify in order to protect ourselves from Being Wrong.

DisagreementWhat we are Engaged in when this type of activity is going on is a form of primal Survival.

What if you didn’t Know?

Can you Allow the other to be Right and not take it personal?

Not Knowing provides Opportunity for Growth.

What Is Versus What Isn’t

ControlledThe difference between Fact and Interpretation can be slight and at other times vast.

Judgment, Opinion and Interpretation have no Tangibility.

While we place Value on these Ideas as if our Lives depended on them, the Reality is that they have little to do with what actually Is.

FreedomTake a dog, for example. That it Is a dog is Fact. That it might be a Nice or Mean dog Isn’t anything other than a Perspective that cannot possibly include all Facts.

While Evidence might suggest an Opinion to be True, be careful to rely on something that Isn’t necessarily Fact.

I Do Declare

MLKThe Power of Declaration cannot be understated.

It’s what’s behind what you Declare that is the critical piece.

Many people can talk a good game. When you are Clear about what you Want in Life, don’t be Afraid to Declare it.ShineLight

The Courage it takes to make a Declaration can sustain what will be needed to see it through.

Of course, because we like to have what we say happen, it will then be crucial for you to develop a Plan of Action.

This will give the Declaration the necessary impetus and inertia to proceed. Simply say what you Want.

Is What You Feel For Real?

EyeContactIt is utterly amazing at the Value we give to our Feelings.

A Trainer once said: “Feelings are like farts.

If you were to die, an eventual autopsy would not find any Feelings, yet we place Importance on them over the rest of our Health.

PassionI am not intending to invalidate all Feelings, in fact they are so Natural that we all have them.

The Question is this:

How much Control of your Life is given over to Feelings?

Feelings can be very Serviceable to our existence, yet they can also cause a Lifetime of Physical, Mental and Emotional decay.