Life By Design

Self SabotageWhether you Know it or not, you are Capable of Creating a Design for your Life to occur exactly or pretty close to the way you Planned.

One Perspective would suggest that you are Responsible for Living your Life by Design, rather than by Default.

ControllingAllowing your Life to be run by Default opens you up for Victimhood and an endless supply of Reasons and Excuses.

Is that the way you Want it or is that the way it already Is? Something you might want take a look at.

Successful people are consistently Engaged in Designing and redesigning their Lives.

I’ll See It When I Believe It

How-Far-Is-Too-FarThere are things in Life we can’t or won’t Believe.

Maybe we have Learned that it isn’t so, or some other form Conditioning has eliminated the Possibility for us.

A lot of people that don’t care for Religion will use the argument that: “If I can’t see it, I won’t Believe in it.Story

Yet, when billions of people for ages have put Trust in their respective Faith, can they all be Wrong?

Blind Faith essentially says: “I’ll Believe it even if you Think it’s untrue.

Belief’s are not about Submitting, they’re about Surrendering to the Unknown or even the Unknowable.

I Doubt It

ControllingIf there was ever one thing that would totally eliminate your chances for Success, it’s Doubt.

A great exercise is to examine what you are Certain about in your Life and where you are maintaining Doubt.

Most of the things we hold Doubt towards bear great resemblance to Impossibilities that we cannot see ourselves Overcoming.Inferiority

Do you think that Einstein, Edison, Tesla or Da Vinci allowed Doubt to stop them?

There are many people today that are Succeeding at their respective endeavors simply because they have abandoned Doubt and Live in Possibility.

And so it can be for you too.

Money Isn’t Everything

AbundanceScarcityIf you’ve ever Expressed this sentiment, check your bank account to see if it matches.

While there many things in Life greater than Money, there’s nothing Wrong or Bad about accumulating Wealth.

The Perception we have of Wealthy people is so skewed that we have somehow come to Believe that they don’t Deserve it.

By the way, it’s the Wealthy that Give the most.

While not all those that are Wealthy have entirely Earned it, most have.

Ask yourself if it was you that amassed a Fortune only to have those that didn’t Expect you to Give them their Share.

The Well Is Deeper

Alice in WonderlandWhenever you experience Fear, Doubt or Insecurity, it is important to Know that the Well from which you draw your Strength and Courage is much deeper than you may ever realize

Likewise, when you are Feeling lonely and unloved, the Well will provide.

First, you will come to Trust that you are more, have more.

AliceThen, you will Understand that in order to Receive, you must Give.

Sometimes we Feel like we have nothing to Offer.

That will be when your Creativity and often Surrender will Reveal itself, thus Allowing you to go further than you could have ever imagined.

What Does Your Heart Say?

CommunicationLearning how to Trust your Intuition will be one of your greatest Assets.

While you won’t be able to count on it every time, it can support you to follow that Internal messaging system that aligns with your true Being.

Remember that Intuition is not Impulse or whatever Satisfies you in the Moment.

CommunicationRecall a time when you had a certain Sense about something or someone and that Sense was later realized.

That was your Intuition at work.

Listening to what your Heart says, then Choosing according Actions, will keep you in line with your greatest Hopes, Wishes and Desires.

Who Am I?

ThinkingAn age-old Question brought to us from the Sages; all great Prophets have asked us to Inquire deeply about this and to Discover who we truly are.

More importantly, we are Guided to Love ourselves, Faults and all.

It is interesting to note that those providing this Powerful information have spent Extensive amounts of Time in Rigorous and Diligent Practice, learning more about Who they are, then Teaching us the Way.

Thus, it’s a good idea to consistently Ask yourself the Question: Who Am I?

Be Open and Willing to see it all and Accept what is, as it is.

No Time Like The Present


For some odd Reason, we tend to Focus much Attention on periods of Time that simply do not exist.

The Past once occurred, yet it’s Now over and cannot Possibly happen again; maybe something similar, though not the same.

Worse, we give a lot of Time to the Negative Events from the Past, with wonderful Experiences often being secondary.

PerspectivAs far as the Future goes, if you can truly predict what’s coming, meet me at the racetrack!

So, all we really Have is the Present, where we unfortunately spend so little Time.

We must be Present to fully appreciate Life.

Music Heals The Soul

MusicWhat’s your Song?

What’s the Melody that keeps you in Tune with your Life?

Are you defining Harmony for the areas of your Experience that are Important to you?

If you have a Connection to Music, it can be Healing for Sorrows, Exciting in times of Joy and Contemplative as a way to Understand your Feelings.

MusicMusic can Create an Energy for you to get into Action and be Engaged in what you Intend to Accomplish.

Notice if you choose Music that enhances your Emotions.

Additionally, it is important to Note if Music keeps you down or brings you up.

The Blame-Game Losers

HonestyWhen you play the Blame-Game, understand that there will not be any Winnersever.

Briefly, the one pointing the finger may have an Experience of being momentarily Victorious.

The Problem is that often the case is Blame masks Avoiding Responsibility for your part.

DisagreementStaying in Denial or taking a Defensive posture about Being Right (rather, Not Being Wrong!) is plain for most to see, so you’re not getting away with anything.

Worse, when you run this strategy, Trust dissolves.

There’s a huge difference between being Right about another’s Wrong versus taking a Compassionate Stand for the other to make better Choices.