Simple Questions

AskingThe Guru’s come down from the mountain and ask 4 Simple Questions. The Simple Questions are very Profound, taking great Inquiry to Understand. The Simple Questions are:

1) Who Are you?

2) What do you Want?

3) What do you Know?

4) Where are you?

DoubtWho Are you is about Owning your Greatness and Mediocrity.

What do you Want pertains to how you Design your Life.

What do you Know begs for you to Apply the Knowledge and Wisdom you’ve acquired and to hunger for more.

Where are you isn’t about GPS, it’s about Where your Heart is right Now.

A Committed Life

MLKMartin Luther King, Jr. was quoted as saying:

I just want to live a Committed Life.

Here was a Man that undoubtedly led a Committed Life, based on Results.

So, what are you Committed to?

MLKAre you letting your Commitments determine your Choices or do your Addictions decide for you?

You might look at your circumstances and Blame people, places and things for situations that you don’t particularly Desire. Notice if this is the case with you.

It’s when you take Responsibility and Ownership for what you’re Committed to that you discover your Greatness. Not having Commitments leads to Misery.

Wheel Of Fortune

TrustMany people believe that Life is filled with Fortunate or Unfortunate events; that they have no say in the Matter.

You could leave the Results of your Life to Chance, yet would you not rather have things happen by Design?

WinningVery few Successful people are actually Lucky.

Someone’s Luck is often predetermined by their Character.

A quote I have heard is that: “Luck is when Opportunity and Preparation meet.

If your Life is run by Chance, you might miss golden Opportunities because you’re not Preparing yourself to be Aware of them.

Don’t spin the Wheel of Fortune for your Life.

Complete Your Thought

StressEver wonder why you can’t seem to stop a prevailing Thought?

Does your Life suffer from Fear, Doubt and Insecurity due to Thinking that doesn’t Support you?

Thinking is the least effective way of taking Action.

StressThe way out of the maze is to simply Complete your Thought!

Yes, it may be easier said than done, yet what Consequences are you imposing on yourself for not having done so?

Usually the most effective way to Complete your Thought is to remove as much Feeling and Emotion as possible.

Bringing Neutrality to your Thoughts will reveal the best course of Action.

Hearing The Call

ListeningSome of us Hear the loud Call daily and our Actions are in Alignment with it.

Others may have their Call seem distant or even non-existent.

It’s in Hearing the Call and Answering it that Results and Accomplishments occur.

If your inner-voice speaks in Negative tones and Focuses most of its Attention on the Past, you will be left with an ever-evolving Life experience of missed Opportunities and Failure.Listening

Conversely, when your Internal Dialogue is filled with Purpose, giving you a Why to your Existence, the Answer you Give to the Call is Consistent and the Energy needed is ever-present.

Embracing Your Dark Side

Being RightAt the heart of Mastery is Knowing yourself.

We all have Supportive ways of Being.

Conversely, we all possess Non-supportive ways of Being as well.

If you aren’t Conscious to these Realities, then you are essentially not showing much Care towards yourself and those that surround you.

What is the price of such Blindness?

MakeUpLikely, you don’t Grow much and the decay of your Soul continues.

If you are experiencing Problems in Life and don’t seem to Know why or are putting the Fault on others, it’s time to take that long, hard look in the Mirror and assume Responsibility.

Driven To Distraction

Wrong PeopleAre you Paying Attention to your Distractions?

Notice if you play the Blame-game and make others Wrong for you being Distracted.

Most of Life’s Distractions will appear in two forms.

One will serve to Allow you take a much-needed break from the mundane Activities in Life.MakeUp

Another form of Distraction will provide an Avoidance mechanism that creates a whole slew of Unfinished Business.

Do you realize that Distractions can either be a Blessing or a Curse?

To raise your Awareness as to who is Responsible for how Distractions affect your Life is to claim Power over your Emotions and Actions.

How Are You Fitting In?

CommunicationInferiorityI have heard a few people describe how they have never felt Comfortable in their own skin.

This Perspective leads to an extremely low self-esteem, often Causing external difficulties in Life.

If you’re feeling like you don’t Fit In in any area of your Life, the most effective way to Overcome that experience is to Accept who you are, as you are.

In other words, if you’re not Fitting In, you’re not Loving yourself enough.

Conversely, when you learn how to Love yourself, Faults and all, you have the Opportunity to Fit In anywhere that you Choose or Desire to.

Having A Breakthrough

DecisionWhen you’ve experienced Breakdown in Life, what did you Learn from it?

For some, Breakthrough's become so elusive because each Breakdown adds Evidence to Limiting Beliefs and there seems no other way.

Successful people don’t Think that way, why should you?

GamesPay Attention to what your Thoughts are when Challenge comes along.

Are you Responsibly debriefing your Thoughts and Actions before, during and after such Events?

Are you priming yourself for Breakthrough or Submitting to Fears, Doubts and Insecurities that keep you Small?

It’s in the Faith, Belief and Certainty that you keep that allows Surrender to what is Possible.

We Versus Me

MasteryNotice how you Choose to Live your Life.

What’s the Context?

Is it a Me context, meaning that your focus is on Self before others?

Is your Life about a We context that is inclusive and places Value on the Needs of others?Success

Interesting to note is how important it is to be Conscious of both Perspectives.

You can go too far with Self focus just as much as overdoing the Desire to Help others can leave you Unfulfilled and left out.

The We context holds greater Value once the Me context is solid and not blown out of proportion.