Overcome Peaks And Valleys


If your Life has been filled with Peaks and Valleys, it might be time for you consider an alternate Perspective.

Sure, the Peaks are exciting and pleasurable, yet the Valleys often bring Depression, Suffering and External negatives that we would rather not experience.Inferiority

The way to lead a Balanced and Harmonious Life is to establish a form of Neutrality to all Events.

This doesn’t eliminate the Joy of a positive Outcome, rather it raises the bar for how you Respond versus React to what occurs in Life.

The goal is to be able to Overcome challenges and Celebrate your Results.

Rules For Survival

Internal DialogueThere are 5 Rules for Survival.

hey are: 1) Looking Good; 2) Being Right; 3) Avoiding Pain; 4) Being in Control; and 5) Maintaining the Story.

There is much more to them than I can explain here today, just Know that these Rules are for Ego’s Survival.

Self DoubtIf you Want better Relationships, it is crucial to raise your Awareness as to when you are Playing with these Win/Lose propositions; which eventually turn into Lose/Lose.

You can be on either side of the equation and if you are, it’s time to fold and give up the Game.

The alternative is Mastery.

Your Midas Touch


You can look at the people that seem to have everything they Touch turn to Gold in Awe, Jealousy, Resentment or Envy.

Notice what you Experience.

If you have your Midas Touch activated, are you being Responsible about it?

The unfortunate reality is that most people do not have their Midas Touch activated and spend an entire Lifetime attempting to discover how to turn the switch on to no avail.

Guru’s tell us that the Answer is much easier than we might think.

It’s about coming to Peace with yourself and Allowing the Flow of Abundance to Fill Your Cup.

Within Reach

TrustWe all Want to Have our Dreams manifest.

Unfortunately, Wanting leaves most of us unfulfilled because Having seems too distant.

To Have what you Want, you must maintain consistent Internal Dialogue combined with Action that aligns.

And, you must regularly have this Conversation with yourself and others.Abundance

The reality may be that what you Want is more Within Reach than you give yourself credit for.

Of course, your Dreams must be obtainable and you’ll be generating Movement towards Realization.

If you possess Dreams that are unlikely to occur, give them up now and point your Energy toward what can happen.

When In Doubt

FightDoubt can take on many faces.

Beyond Uncertainty or Insecurity, it can also look like flat-out Disregard, Anger or Resentment.

If you don’t care for this Experience, you are ready to do something about it.

Maybe you care more about being Certain that the Source of your Doubt is not something you can do anything about, thus you are Justified in your Opposition to such Source.Disagree

The Doubt, like all your Feelings and Emotions, is yours and only yours and you will become Powerless once you Decide to relinquish Control and hand it off to a person, place or thing.

The Delicate Balance

DefendingMany people espouse the value of Balance in Life and I agree wholeheartedly.

What you will find when you embark on the Path to Balance in your Life is that virtually every one of your Life Domains requires a Delicate Balance once you’ve established it.

Think of the tightrope walker and how they can move like a cat at times, yet at other times must be very still to maintain their Position. The Movement is what I call: Harmony.

RiskThat’s how you achieve the Delicate Balance.Risk

Balance means Stillness. Thus, Delicate Balance requires a fluid combination of Balance and Harmony.

Vision Checkup

WealthIt’s important to regularly update the Vision for your Life.

If you haven’t got a Vision for your Life, it may be a good time to do so.

The way to create a solid Vision can vary, yet what you end up with will look like the Vision’s that many successful people use to motivate themselves in Life.

A Vision covers all the Domains of Life, not just Career and Wealth accumulation.Vision

For some, it’s focused in Community. For others, Attention is given to Wellness, such as Health and Spirituality.

Your Vision gets to be comprehensive design for your Life.

What Gives You The Right?

Wrong PeopleOpinionWhen we have Experience, we tend to Believe that we have the Right to Express our Opinion and tell people what to do with their Lives.

Some even take it further and come to the Perspective that they Know better, thus belittling others.

Still others form a sense of Entitlement and Demand the Right to Be something, Do something or Have something.

How does it feel when someone else comes along and exerts their Will on you?

How do you think it feels for others when you do that?

If you’ve earned the Right, it’s your Responsibility to be Responsible.

The Aha Fomula’s


We’ve all experienced that Aha moment when the light-bulb goes off and Awareness is heightened.

Much like dancing, when the music stops, the Aha seems to ebb away.

I developed two Aha Formula’s designed to help you Act when having this Experience.

CreativityFirst: Aha+Zero=Breakdown.

Zero meaning Nothing happens, everything stays the same or gets worse, thus Breakdown.

Next: Aha+Committed Action=Breakthrough.

You can inventory your life Breakdowns and will see that you (Aha!) knew what to do, yet did Nothing, then Breakdown occurred.

With life Breakthroughs, you will see that you had that Aha experience, took Committed Action and voila! Breakthrough!

Emotional Intelligence

Bad PeopleWe don’t need to be trained as FBI Agents to recognize certain Emotions in people; it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Some folks are better at hiding theirs than others. Trust is diminished when someone overtly Expresses negative Emotion.

So what is Emotional Intelligence? It comes down to being able to have an awareness of not how to Act, yet how to Be, in certain situations.

PerspectiveIf you didn’t know it already, your Way of Being precedes your Actions, thus a greater Attention to your Thoughts and Feelings is crucial.

Emotions aren’t wrong; though Emotional senselessness is.