Balance And Harmony

BalanceOne of the most effective Life Mastery tools that I have discovered and share with my clients is the focus on the Domains of Life. It’s fairly simple: Relationships, Career/Business, $/Finance, Spirituality, Health/Fitness, Recreation, Education and Community.Caring for Others

Besides doing laundry and dishes, these will cover most of the important areas of your Life.

Give yourself a score in each Domain on a scale of 1-9 (no 0’s and no 10’s) with the 1 being not so good news and the 9 being great news.

This is one of the most effective ways to create Balance and Harmony in your Life.

If It’s To Be…

Meaning…it’s up to me.

Are you waiting?

Waiting for Jesus’ return?

Waiting for Extraterrestrial salvation?

Is your future up to religious or political leaders?

Clarity of PurposeWhat are your concerns about the planet and who do you think is going to solve them?

SpiritualityWhile some of the work will need to be done by many others, it all starts with you.

When you look at your Intention, how much is based in self-gratification and self-centeredness?

Each of us, with rising consciousness and intellectual awareness, has a Responsibility to give back and be part of the larger community or else all is lost.

Are You Infectious?

SerenityIt can be argued that some things are beneficially Infectious and it would be a good idea to raise your Awareness of these areas of your Life.

If you’re not Paying Attention to what’s negatively Infecting your Life, you will be destined to experiencing Victimhood; for Life.

Another way to look at it is to see how and where you’re Infecting others in your Life.HonestyHappy Couple

Good indicators of such will be the Feedback that you’re getting.

Again, not Paying Attention to what you’re Causing in the world will create an unhappy experience of Life.

Are you Infected? Are you Infectious?

How Far Is Too Far?

WinningYou only know how far you’re Willing to go when you’ve gone too far.”

This is a quote I’ve heard during Leadership trainings designed at an expanding individual’s Ability to reach beyond their self-imposed Limitations.

Ask yourself where in your Life you can go further?FlashMob

Where are you Settling or just Doing Enough to get by?

If you Want to take your Life to the next level, it’s required of you to look into your Limiting Beliefs and question them right away.

The good news is that you will identify beneficial Beliefs, yet it is critical to not fool yourself.

The Being Of Doing

FitnessNobody cares much for the individual who’s: All Talk and No Action.

We all have encountered the folks that Talk a Good Game, yet have no Results to show for their Words.

Worse, it’s the people that we know have great Intentions, though their Behavior has little, if any, resemblance to the Chatter coming from their mouths.Unhealthy

It is Important to Practice matching your way of Being with what you’re Doing as often as possible.

By Virtue of this Practice, you will see your Confidence grow and Respect from others increase proportionally.

Ask yourself if your Being matches your Doing.

A Perfect World

MakeUpI Believe that everything is Perfect until we Decide it’s Imperfect.

Aiming for Perfect leaves you with a lot of Unfinished Business due to things not being Perfect.

The good news is that you have high Standards.Fight

Many opportunities aren’t even considered because apparent Imperfections.

It truly is a Limited existence to rule out so much when it isn’t Perfect.

Imagine what the people around you have to deal with?Serenity

An alternative to Perfect is Excellence.

When you strive for Excellence in what you’re up to, perceived Imperfections won’t stop you.

Simply go for Excellence and see your Results flourish.

Maintaining The Story

InferiorityWe all have a Story of Mediocrity that sounds like: a) I don’t matter; b) I’m not worthy, or; c) I’m not enough/not good enough.

InferiorityThe trick in Life is to figure out which one is yours and to stop collecting evidence to be right about how wrong you are!

Factual Events helped create your Story, yet how much longer will you be Victim to them?

CommunicationWorse, anything that comes along that even remotely supports the Story, we add it to the junk-pile and Defend it as if our Life depended on it!

That’s not a Healthy way to live.

Re-Creation Time

Dream CarAt the end of the year, during Holiday times, we are Blessed with the Opportunity to wind-down and recuperate from the long year.

It’s a good time to take advantage of Rest and Play; to Engage with Family and Friends; to Create memories that last a Lifetime.

Inspiring OthersFor some of us, it’s a major interruption because there’s Work to do, people to Serve.

It can also be a pinch to the wallet and Financial Insecurity arises.

Follow The LeaderTake a Moment to embrace what you Have and count your Blessings.

Make Time to relax.

This is much easier with a rested Mind.

Defending Your Past

RejectionThere are two ways to Defend your Past.

Before you attempt to claim that you needn’t do so, Understand that we all have Actions and Decisions that can sting a little bit when Thinking of them.

So, what do you do with your Past?

Many will immediately come up with Reasons and Excuses; that’s one way to Defend your Past.

Another way is to Commit to a Plan of Action and establishing Disciplines that Create a new Past that you Feel much better about.Education

Life is a Feedback machine, constantly telling us that what we’re doing is working or not.

What Are You Thinking?

ExpressionThere are some who Believe that in addition to Deeds, Thoughts are also a Sin.

Thus, it doesn’t matter to them if your Actions are Virtuous, what you are Thinking must align as well.

If only we had some form of Thought Police.

Maybe in a sense, we do.Risk

Imagine people you know (or even yourself), that have become Prisoners to what’s on their Mind.

So much so, that they are totally Unaware to the dangers and impact of Negative Thinking.Serenity

It’s crucial to Understand that your Thoughts determine your Reality.

What you Focus on expands.

What are you Thinking?