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“Without a coach, people will NEVER reach their maximum capabilities".
→Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot


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“These past couple years, you have been the light in my life when there was so much darkness surrounding me! The inspiration and sincerity that comes from you is remarkable! You amplify the greatness in people and hold them to it when they are not in their power. Your teachings must be spread worldwide so that everyone can have someone in their life just as amazing as you are for me."
→Topaz – Boulder, CO

Let's turn the 80/20 Rule on it's ear!

If you have never heard of the Pareto Principle, commonly known as the "80/20 Rule," let's look at the basic idea:

Results = 80%
Efforts = 20%

Work-Life Balance
At the crossroads of Choice.

Unfortunately, with scarcity as the leading mindset, the first thought goes towards the other side; meaning: 80% of my efforts are producing only 20% of my results! Stop! This thinking kills creativity, production and abundance in our lives! This is what T. Harv Eker refers to as "poor thinking."


Now, let's look at how successful people consider the 80/20 Rule:

Results = 80%
Efforts = 20%

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Coaching relationship

First thought? I want 100% results! Thus, figuring it only takes 20% of my best efforts to produce 80% results, a successful individual will know that it takes essentially 33% best efforts to produce 100% results...but wait...there is more!

Results = 80% = 100%
Efforts = 20% = 33%

Once 100% percent results are achieved, the successful individual then considers that since only 33% of my best efforts were required to produce that, 100% of my best efforts will produce...wait for it...

Results = 80% = 100%
Efforts = 20% = 33% = 100%

Time for Committed Action


 Yes, absolutely! You guessed it:

300% Results!!! That's why we look at wealthy and successful people in awe and ask: "How do they do it?" In a sense, it really is this simple. It's about mindset and Coaching will help produce that mindset. Are you ready?


Start thinking "300/100" versus "80/20," or worse, "20/80," and you are already on your right path. Read on...

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Increase your goal completion by 15-40%!

    • Of people who consciously decide to set a goal, only 25% achieve their goal.
    • Of people who decide when they will do it, 40% achieve their goal.
    • Of people who plan how they will do it, 50% achieve their goal.
    • Of people who GET COACHING AND DO IT, 65% achieve their goal.*
      *The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

    “Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as much of a routine for executives as budget forecasts and quota meetings."

    →Investor's Business Daily

    Bullseye Coaching & Training – What it means:

    Embracing opportunity

    Bullseye Coaching & Training is customized to best support YOUR business and personal needs. Research shows that when you make the personal commitment to yourself and/or your business for at least 3 months of coaching, your results dramatically improve. Should your business interests be on a larger scale, a year-long Life Coach and/or Business Coaching program is likely more suitable. Most effective coaching relationships last between 6 months to 2 years, simply because of the tangible benefits realized in business and in your personal life.

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    Coaching connection

    Through a highly proactive and dynamic partnership with an experienced business and personal coach, you attain the focus, structure and support you need to achieve a balanced, harmonious and successful life. Bullseye Coaching & Training is a commitment and action-oriented relationship that concentrates on the present and how to define, clarify and implement personal goals. Our success, experience and knowledge cover the areas of Business, Sales, Life, Leadership and Relationships in individual or group coaching, tele-seminars and tailored workshops.

    Bullseye Coaching & Training – How it works:

    A Coach and client go into intimate details
    Intimate discussion

    Bullseye Coaching & Training is a way of enhancing personal and business goals by identifying the behavioral patterns or key issues that may be blocking YOUR success. Bullseye Coaching & Training can be a brief and intensive short-term experience or an on-going process.

    Fees are prepaid monthly and may vary according to the needs of the individual or business entity.

    Coaches connect over long distancesThroughout this active collaboration, we will discover ways to develop prompt positive changes that have long lasting effect. Reasons and excuses become a thing of the past while measurable, tangible results are being consistently realized. We are not teachers, counselors, advisors or therapists, though many of these facets may seem apparent in the context of our services.
    Planning is criticalBullseye Coaching & Training can only work with commitment. When a client is committed to their personal or business greatness and willing to be championed to that greatness, success is simply a matter of designing the outcomes that are desired.
    We will initially focus on three key components that create and maintain YOUR foundation:
    1) What way of Being are you choosing in each moment and is it serving you or not?
    2) Are all the Domains of your life in balance and harmony?
    3) Do you have a Vision for your life that is so compelling that you will undoubtedly realize it?



    Bullseye Coaching & Training is for you if:

      • Your dreams and goals have consistently remained only thoughts and ideas.
      • You own a company that's growing, expanding and/or facing challenges.
      • You have the experience of being unfulfilled in certain areas of your life.
      • Your family-owned business is creating conflict in your personal life.
      • You are facing a major decision or crisis in your life.
      • You have the “inner-knowing” that you are underachieving.