How To Deal With Not Knowing

InferiorityThe mystery of Not Knowing can be turn into a nightmare.

You end up Feeling like you’ve lost Control, and Experience being Powerless and Helpless.

Not Knowing leads to Confusion and can Frustrate and Agitate.

Fear, Doubt and Insecurity doesn’t creep in, it tends to steamroll you when you Don’t Know what’s going on.

Yet, there can be great Wisdom in Not Knowing.

ControllingAllowing things to turn out and develop as they are supposed to can be Enlightening and a joyous surprise.

Think about the people you Admire. They might Know a lot and be Intelligent or Correct most of the time, though they also seem to possess a Curiosity for Life and a Wonder of the Unknown.

That’s because they’re not in the trap of being unable to Cope with Not Knowing.

How it is for you?


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