Don’t Give a Bleep!

To say that attitude is everything is an understatement.  We can benefit by not letting the judgments and interpretations of others affect us.  Contrarily, we can further our smallness by not paying attention to what people observe about us and ignore their feedback regardless of its delivery.  When the message comes, it may be useful.
The critical element is to care enough about the information to consider it as beneficial.  Then, after review, we can look to implement a plan, strategy or alternative behavior to improve our situation.  Not a bad idea if we intend to make great things happen.  By not caring, we can lose sight of opportunity.
It is important that we be ourselves.  This authenticity is what others find attractive.  That courage to stand our ground and not be waylaid by the opinions of others is what we yearn for.  Funny thing is that when we let our ego be part of the equation, all bets are off. The reason for this is that the mechanism that the ego uses for its survival is determined to maintain scarcity of resources, disease and disconnection from those we love.
So what options are we left with?  How about an earnest practice of selflessness that puts others first?  If the case be that we must take care of ourselves before being able to care for others, it may be wise to inquire as to where we can give back to ourselves in a meaningful and beneficial way.  Examples might be as simple as maintaining a diet plan, exercise routine or ensuring that our surroundings are clean and organized.
Whatever the action, be aware that it is preceded by mindset and unless that process starts with true, authentic care for ourselves and others, we can virtually count on failure, challenge or struggle and likely will not have an outcome that we desire.
Basically, if we don’t give a bleep, we can expect great amounts of that same bleep to show up, because that’s what we will be sure to get!
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