How Far Is Too Far?

We will only how far we are willing to go when we’ve gone too far. Most of our greatest accomplishments have arrived when we’ve extended ourselves beyond the self-imposed boundaries of the proverbial Box.
These limitations we place on our abilities are often borne out of Fear, Doubt and Insecurities that we have determined to be greater than the strength we possess to overcome such obstacles.
Listen to anyone that has shown superior character when faced with defeat or impossibility, yet still triumphed. They each tell a simple story of not letting conversations about circumstances, considerations or challenges rule their thoughts, whatever they may be.
Will things like limiting beliefs or lacking of confidence come up? Absolutely, yet it’s all in how we Respond and act in spite of such talk that makes the biggest difference.
A great question to ask is: “What’s in the Box that isn’t serving me?” The goal is to recognize when we stop, quit or give up, abandoning such smallness for greater results.  How far are you willing to go?
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