I Get No Respect

This quote, made famous by Rodney Dangerfield, can sometimes be the exact experience we are having.  The truth is that Respect is not earned, it is given and we won’t get any unless we give it.  Sadly, we can give it to folks that don’t know how to give it back.  In that case, it wouldn’t be about us as much as it is about the person choosing dis-Respect.
If someone in our vicinity is going about their life dis-Respecting all the people, places and things around them, we tend to appreciate that perspective as one we don’t care for or want to have.  This is not about judging other’s behavior as much as it is simply recognizing what is and what isn’t working.
For us to have any chance at garnering that golden trophy of Respect from others, personally or professionally, we must start with giving it to ourselves first, then to others.  And, as giving goes, have no expectations about the return.
Additionally, if we go about getting Respect by our actions or deeds, it might be a good idea to look at our motivation.  It can be asserted that wanting Respect is ordinary yet needing it is likely about our fear, doubt or insecurity and speaks to what our ego desires as opposed to a natural, organic expression of our Being.
Like many areas of our life, we can simply let go of need, access our true, authentic power and have what we want manifest gloriously.  That is when respect from others will come.  So, let’s check our motivations and act accordingly. We might be pleasantly surprised at how people respond.
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