I Win, You Lose

What’s the deal? Let’s be real for a moment and ask when and where we are playing this game in our lives. Who is paying the price? How has it come to this? Our entire society is structured around winners and losers and in all actuality everyone can be a winner when we let go of the need to be victorious over others.
The real battle to overcome is within. When we encounter someone who has declared victory over their inner struggles, we stand in awe and shower them with praise, adulation and respect. The strength, courage and determination displayed by these people identify possibilities for us and our children.
It’s all good and well to play games and have activities where this experience can be had in fun and contextually with a high degree of sportsmanship. Yet, how can it be that life and the lives of others has become sport? We rack up trophies over those we’ve defeated with no regard for the impact on their lives or the lives of those that surround them.
The worst part of it all is that the outcome eventually turns to lose-lose. Is that how we really want it to be? Let’s ask ourselves how we can play win-win today and everyday thus making this practice a way of life and teaching others the depth of possibility in our world.
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