It’s Not My Fault

We live in a world where someone else has to take the Blame for how things are or aren’t. We have become excellent finger-pointers and being able to articulately describe the situation may even produce a job in the media or other venues. People have made entire careers simply by crying: “Foul!
One of the greatest faults we can practice is to pass-the buck, avoiding Responsibility for how it is in our personal or professional lives. Most of us have great ideas about what can or should be changed, yet we consistently stand by idly, doing nothing; only adding our words to the conversation. While words can carry great value, they can also sometimes be entirely meaningless.
Leadership is about Being an Agent for Change and not only the Visionary. What is required is the Commitment to see it through to completion, even if that means to be the last one standing.
Every one of us can assert ourselves into the role of Leader in any facet of our lives and it doesn’t have to equate to great societal or historical differences. The reality is that greatest transformation we can make in the world starts with ourselves and our families. When we are all up to Being our greatest Possibility, our children learn that for themselves and the world transforms accordingly.
Until we are the demand for Accountability and Responsibility in our own experience, there will be little chance of us affecting such in others.
It all starts with our daily Actions and a Commitment to be in Contribution to others authentically; automatically! It’s a lot easier than we may think and the rewards are far beyond what we could ever imagine.
Be at Fault! Take the Blame! Show others that the way to progress and resolution is Action. Simply put: “Shut up and get on with it!” When done in a Responsible manner, it may cause others to follow suit.
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