Keeping Your Cool

DisagreementWhen you Feel out of Control, it is Natural to look for the Cause and easy to place the Fault or Blame on others.

While there may be Facts to support your Perspective, you will have absolutely no Defense for an Emotional form of Reaction that makes things worse.

Yeah, but…” might be what’s going off in your head, yet Understand that unless you Keep Your Cool and Respond versus React, you are now Responsible for what ensues; regardless of who started it.

DisagreeAsk yourself how often you Defend, Excuse, Reason or Justify your Position and what Prices you and others must pay as a result.

Bring to mind someone you know and Respect that handles things with Maturity, Wisdom and Calmness.

If you want to Be like them, you must Practice, in every way possible, Being like them.

CommunicationI invite you to Abandon the Need to Defend anything in your Life that you Know is sound and worthwhile.

It truly doesn’t matter what other people Think, though for your sake, it surely does matter what you Think and, more importantly, whether you React or Respond to Life’s events.


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