Life Is A Choice!

This statement doesn’t always pertain to abortion. Funny thing is that today I am experiencing total bliss and blessings that my Son and his Wife did not opt for that Choice. Why? Because this morning, my granddaughter, Natalie was born and what that brings to our family is far more than just another bundle of joy.

She has a life full of Choices in front of her and some will be seemingly predetermined by her environment, yet the critical decisions will be made from the Choice she makes about herself. We have the Responsibility to our children to guide and nurture their Choice-making abilities and give them the best possibility for success.

Isn’t it also true for all of us that we, not our environment, are Responsible for the Choices we make? Were we not gifted with the innate ability to write and/or rewrite the story for our lives? We’ve seen examples of this over and over again. We also can see the cases, in our own experiences, when we have let people, places and things; circumstances and considerations be the determining factor for us. It simply doesn’t have to be that way.

Remember, that everything we currently have is of our own making and if not, we have the Choice to make something new. Choose wisely!

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