Losing Focus

ControlOne of the main causes of Incompletion in Life is loss of Focus.

This can be attributed to Distractions and things like ADD/ADHD, yet at the end of the day, maintaining Focus is Possible for virtually anyone.

Blaming a Condition or Circumstance only reinforces Victimhood.

The Goal is to first take Responsibility for Commitments and then Design effective tools that have your Commitments realized.

InferiorityA huge part of anyone’s Success is Keeping Your Word.

We all know how it feels when someone else breaks their Word with us; how do you think they Feel when you don’t Keep Your Word?

It’s all about Honor and Respect.

If you Intend to be Honorable or Respectful and Desire to be Honored and Respected by others, start a Practice that Demands that you Keep Your Word.

You can be sure that your Focus will be enhanced by this simple Practice.Success

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