Seen by the Naked Eye

We think we’re so sly.  Our ability to use words to convince and cajole others to do what we want has become a proud feather in the cap.  There’s nothing wrong with having the gift of gab.  To be effective at communicating is an art and skill.  What many of us may not be aware of is that most, greater than 70%, of communication is non-verbal.

So be aware that people often get what we’re up to and if they don’t the question is: Are we being responsible with our words?  That eerie feeling we get when listening (and hearing what they’re not saying) is us being in contact with the non-verbal intention of the other.
It is true that there is more to things that meets the eye.  Our sensory receptors aren’t given enough credit. Some call it intuition and learning to trust those experiences can enhance our ability to give and receive information to a much greater degree.
Communication starts with Intention.  What we desire to say and or get out of our conversations is critical to pay attention to.  To authentically listen, without loading-up or butting-in, is truly a form of giving that can be given each time we are with another.  Providing compassionate feedback to people willing to know how they are Being is also an excellent way to improve relationships.
The most important thing to remember is that while words are a good way to describe what we’re speaking to, it’s in the delivery that the message is most effectively received.  People really do see a lot more than they hear.
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