Teen Trainings


"Before, I thought I couldn't let out my feelings, but now I can." - Alan, 15



"I think today I have more freedom because I let some things go." - Graviel, 15


My Word is GOLD!


"A great two-day experience with amazing results.  Kids came in with 'walls up' and left after two days softer, sweeter and happier." - Pamela, Mentor

Bullseye Theory Teen Trainings:

What does having a Bullseye Theory Teen Training mean for my community?  What is the nature of experiential learning and how can our students benefit from it?  What does the program look like and what kind of results can I expect?

Who will provide the training and how much involvement is required by the local community and parents?

The Challenges:

Our work has clearly indicated that many teens want to be responsible for their own choices, yet simply do not have the internal resources and tools to decide their best course of action.  The Bullseye Theory Teen Trainings give teens the opportunity to assert their ability to be accountable for their lives.

With nearly a decade of experience, we have discovered three startling facts about teens and their goals:

1) Dreams are often undefined; minimized by peer pressure.
2) Goals and desires lack clarity and focus.
3) Most teens believe their lives are not significant.

"I now believe in myself and others that we can change our world." - Gabriela, 15

Research has shown that young people who drop out of high school are more likely to use drugs/alcohol, get involved in gang and criminal activity, and become teen parents.

High school dropouts also have higher unemployment rates and are more likely to receive public assistance.  Nationwide, high dropout rates among minority youth are of particular concern to educators and the communities that they live in.  Teens unfortunately succumb to pressure from peers and conform or acquiesce without even knowing they may be doing so.


"I've been to other classes and counselors, but none of them have been as effective as this one!" - Amy, 15

A Solution That Hits The Mark:

Bullseye Theory Teen Trainings are customized to best support your community in achieving the specific goals set by local leadership; thus allowing students to take responsibility for their immediate surroundings.  Through a highly proactive and dynamic partnership with a certified trainer, stakeholders and most importantly the students, an environment of trust, honor and accountability is established.  Students will be given the opportunity to discover that they individually have the choice to design their lives and take ownership for their attitudes, beliefs and feelings. Experiential learning can best be defined by what you know at a deeper level without ever having been taught.  Much like learning to ride a bike or a first kiss, instruction was mostly absent yet we rarely forget the experience.  Students in an experiential training can take their knowledge directly into their lives and use it for life.

The training environment consists of a two-day intensive workshop, followed by extensive mentoring after the course, ending with a completion ceremony for family and friends of the program graduates and mentors.



Many students often return to provide their services to future trainings and learn the value of contribution to their community.  These components can all be tailored to best suit your group.

My Word is GOLD!


"I feel better about how the Youth will look at tomorrow and face their future.  I'm grateful to be involved.  I know they have been impacted." - Charlie, Mentor

Bullseye Theory Teen Training students will:

· Understand and implement tools of personal responsibility and accountability.
· Clearly establish that individual choice determines outcomes.
· Heal painful areas of their lives and commit to problem resolution.
· Create joy whenever possible and contribute to the joy of others.
· See where in their lives they are giving up their power and belief of what is right.
· Declare a life path that is filled with possibility rather than obstacle.
· Reconnect with self, family and community and choose honor, trust and discipline.
· Discover that they matter and develop the self-worth to embody for their life.

 Many graduates of teen experiential trainings have come to value family, community and their education in a new way that creates a solid foundation for their lives.  Potential dropouts, gang members and drug/alcohol abusers have made stunning turnarounds in reclaiming personal control over their respective lives and authentic responsibility for their actions.

The trainings are facilitated by certified, transformational trainers accompanied by locally selected mentors that maintain contact with the students after the training and through the completion ceremony.  Events are preceded by student selection and mentor trainings starting as early as two months prior to the training date.  Site selection, volunteer support and food/supplies for the workshop are determined by the community and civic leaders through ad- hoc committees and in-kind donations.

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