The Mystery of Life Revealed

The Mystery of Life is that there is no Mystery to it. Plainly, there is simply what is and what isn’t. There is what we know we know and what we know we don’t know. Beyond that, there is a whole lot of what we don’t know that we don’t know; that’s where learning and growth occurs.

We can call the unknown Mysterious, maybe even in some romantic or curious way. Should we choose to remain perplexed by anything, it will still be our simple Choice to remain there. We can also choose to investigate and inquire so as to further our knowledge.
This idea applies greatly to who we are as individuals and/or connected beings to the rest of our world. Until we decide to take a deep look into what is possible for who we can truly Be, we will be left with things just happening to us, thus becoming victimized or incidentally part of our own lives.
In taking stock of ourselves in an inquisitive, honest way, we will now have an opportunity to have a life filled with joy, wonder and magnificence for all that is.
The alternative is that people, place and things, conditions and circumstances, have control over our lives and we are left with powerlessness and defeat.
What’s most scary is that whatever outcome we get in our lives, it has been chosen by us and we have no one to blame, but ourselves.
Being responsible for our own results is the quickest way to remove the Mystery.
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